morning “pit” stop

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halfway to school this morning to drop off my daughter, my reflexes were put to the test. screeching tires and break lights. a near collision into the person in front of me and an even closer one into me from behind. before i could even question what happened i got the answer when i saw her run out between us. she was a large dog, obviously scared and unsure which way would lead her to safety. i watched in fear as multiple lanes of morning rush hour traffic narrowly avoided hitting her and miraculously avoided hitting each other as they slammed on their breaks. as a dog owner myself i instinctually flung open my door and called to her hoping maybe i could scare her off the street but her reaction wasn’t quite what i expected. she actually came to me. this very big pit bull dog came right to me. without even thinking, i grabbed her collar and manged to get her into the back of my suv. i turned into the nearest neighborhood so i could get off the major thoroughfare and then sat there wondering what the hell i just did!!!  

many people have a very negative opinion of pits. their reputation is one of aggression and dominance. though there are natural tendencies in any breed of dog, i’m one of those that firmly believe it’s how an animal is raised and treated that defines their personality. the pits i’ve known over my life have all been true lap dogs and this big girl proved to be the same. kisses and cuddles were all that greeted me when i went to the back to search her collar for the tag that wasn’t there. she obviously was well fed and cared for and it also was very apparent that somewhere a litter of puppies was without their mommy.

so there i was at 7 a.m. with a strange dog in the back of my car. i dropped off my daughter and then tried to figure out what to do. i called my vet who gave me a couple places to try. calls to shelters were greeted with recordings of full status or later business hours, animal services wouldn’t take anything except physical injury emergencies before 9 a.m. and hillsborough county sheriff’s office told me there was nothing they could do. thankfully a second call to my vet prompted them to allow me to relinquish her to them.

i almost hated to take her inside. i knew that at 9 a.m., when animal services opened, that call would be made and this sweet mommy would wind up there. attempts would be made to find her owner but if they couldn’t, she’d likely find the same fate she narrowly avoided in the middle of bloomingdale avenue. adult pits aren’t exactly in high demand. i thought about her puppies, and for a moment wondered if she was doing the same.

we went inside and as i filled out papers, they took her in back. a few minutes later the tech came back out front. i think she could see my underlying sadness and she gave me a big smile. “i’m going to make you happy”, she said. “someone loves that little girl … she’s microchipped!”

i just got off the phone with my vet and the dog’s owner was reached and is on their way to pick her up. this story had a happy ending thanks to the brilliant concept of animal microchips. if you’re pet isn’t chipped, i would highly recommend it. it’s a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure and the database is nationally registered. but regardless, microchips need to be a last resort to simple basic responsibility. i don’t know the story of how she found herself in the middle of traffic and probably never will and though i’m relieved, i’m also angry. the responsibility of an animal is not one to take lightly. i can’t imagine she was very far from home. maternal instinct likely kept her from wandering too far. so she likely lives along the road she was on and for those of you who know bloomingdale avenue, it’s a nightmare of speeding excessive rush hour traffic. and it’s not just the dog that got lucky this morning, we narrowly avoided what could have been a string of severe accidents.

i may run the risk of sounding like bob barker giving his plea to have your pets spayed or neautered but that’s ok …  if you’re going to have pets, PLEASE ensure they are kept in safe and secure places for the safety of everyone.


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