the bunnies made me do it

March 11, 2008 at 2:34 pm 1 comment


sometimes it helps to run away. escape the every day and do something totally out of character. life has a way of numbing us to the ordinary. routine takes over and it’s easy to forget to stop and smell the roses. so when i got the invite to take off for the weekend and go to daytona for the last few days of bike week, i almost had to laugh at the insanity of the fact that i was actually considering it. i’m not sure what made the concept more humorous … me at bike week or the fact that i’d never met the girl inviting me.

our myspace friendship started over a love of the run. both facing our first half marathon we shared a few war stories and post-race sagas then the conversation never waned. now, i certainly don’t suggest running off for the weekend to go stay with someone you’ve never met before. there are a lot of strange people in the world and you can’t be too careful. but after a lot of google searches and fact checking, i decided to throw all caution to the wind and run away from the responsibility and chores that were weighing me down.

i don’t think i realized just how ready i was to get away. how desperately i needed to venture outside my comfort zone. and believe me … i ventured! i wore leather chaps and rode on the back of a motorcycle. i watched very scary women coleslaw wrestle — at least i think they were women. i tried to feed the horses vodka and tostitos (ok maybe not but the pictures sure suggest i did). i had an interesting conversation with a pig farmer and i even drank with a pastor! 😉

but the best part of the weekend wasn’t what i did but what i came away from it with. it only took about five minutes for a stranger to become a friend. for me to find comfort and laughter so desperately needed. it’s strange the way life works. how out of nowhere someone comes into your life and adds a new dimension you didn’t even realize you were missing. sometimes strangers truly are just friends waiting to happen.


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    […] even be able to run at all. and besides, the weekend is more about friendship and girl time with the bunny. last time i saw her was in dc for the marine corp marathon ~ almost a year ago! god has it really […]


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