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a month or so ago i started running with a running club. with my hectic schedule i don’t have a lot of time to get out there with them but what little i’ve joined them for seems to have made a difference. some of that may come from the difference in training. maybe the distance or the motivation of someone to run with. but what’s changed most in my run is my confidence.

the first time i ran with the group i deemed myself a 10-minute miler. so i was completely intimidated when i learned that three out of the four i was running with that evening were training for boston. i kept up only for their slow warm up mile and after that i ran alone. not quite what i had hoped for by joining a running club but i was used to running alone so it really made little difference to me. but as i came around the corner for my last half mile or so i was surprised and touched to see them all running back to get me. we finished that first run together and what made it even better was when i found out that first mile, their warm up mile, was an 8:45 and i had kept up. granted it was only for one mile of the four i ran, but regardless, i kept up!

the people i run with are hardcore and ultra competitive. no doubt it will be years before i have any chance of doing what they can do. but where i would have expected them to scoff at a little novice runner like me, they are encouraging, supportive and consider me a runner, a real runner. already they laugh at my declaration of being a 10-minute miler and my next next half-marathon will be sub two hours, of that i’ve been convinced.

i ran another 5k last weekend. practice. enjoyment. challenge. i really think i like the distance. 3.1 miles is comfortable. easy. not a mental challenge like the half but an opportunity to improve the physical. and i did so yet again. in spite of miserable weather. absurdly hot with 100 percent humidity (literally) i PR’d again. my goal was to break the 28 minute mark and i did it with time to spare. 27:26. i’m dumbfounded. but the overall time doesn’t register the same way the average does. i averaged an 8:52. i never thought i’d be a 9-minute miler none the less under. but there’s something inspiring about running with boston marathoners. something confidence building about their support.

running has been as individual sport to me and in many ways i need it that way. it is a way for me to escape the stressors of life. my cheap therapy. but maybe i’m not the hard ass, do it all on my own type of person i thought i was . maybe sometimes a little group therapy is good for the soul.

update … turns out the 5k time i had was unofficial clock time. my official chip time was 27:09. an 8:46 average and 278th overall out of 1,234 runners.


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