many miles ’til mickey

August 31, 2008 at 8:14 pm 1 comment

week of august 25
total mileage 21 miles + 12.5 miles walking
weeks until disney 19

monday hill training with the group ~ 4 one-mile repeats  
mile 1  8:38    mile 2  8:49    mile 3  9:12    mile 4  9:11
weather 92 degrees with high humidity
shoes asics gt-2130 (135 miles)

tuesday 4 mile run 
time  36:03
weather 94 degrees with high humidity
shoes asics gt-2130 (139 miles)

wednesday off

thursday 4 mile treadmill run 
wasn’t feeling well, couldn’t stomach the idea of track sprints in 97 degree weather 
time 40:00 ~ nice and easy
weather air conditioning 
shoes asics gt-2130 (8 miles ~ breaking in the new pair)

friday off 

saturday 9 mile run with the group
time1:28:00 (approximately. hit the wrong button on my watch after one of the girls in the group fell and we stopped to make sure she was ok)
weather 78 and medium humidity. a nice change!
shoes asics gt-2130 (143 miles)

sunday 12.5 mile walk ~ breast cancer 3-day practice
time 3:34:00
weather 77 with medium humidity
shoes asics gt-2130 (152 miles)

this was a rough week; mentally more than physically. i’ve had lots going on. early in the week i had a conversation with a friend that i knew had to happen but i still wasn’t ready for. it brought to the surface feelings and issues i often choose to ignore within myself and now is just not the right time for me to face those internal questions. the next four months are dedicated to my running and i can’t let anything deter me right now. i’m not sure he understands but i’m not sure i even do at this point so there’s little more i can say. i just hope he knows i do truly value our friendship. i also had lots to juggle this week. in addition to my full-time job, i manage three rental properties and two are newly vacant. one was an eviction and the other simply the end of a lease. i’ve had contractors to deal with, prospective tenants to show the houses to, court papers to file and more. thankfully i managed to get one rented ~ just signed the lease about an hour ago ~ after somehow managing to turn the property in 3 days. one down, one to go. and i’m about over it all. the property management business is not easy and far from rewarding. the good news for the week is that it was just announced that in mid-september we’re getting a bonus at work. raises were pulled again this year. state budget cuts. but at least we’ll get a little extra. which means … yay … i’m getting myself a garmin! i’m not going all out. i found the 205 for a good price and i’m ordering it tomorrow. now i’ll be able to keep better track of my distance and pace.

in spite of being emotionally and physically exhausted, i will say that the 9 mile run on saturday felt good. there were five of us doing the same distance and i kind of hung to the back and let them pace. i’ve been focused so much lately on increasing my speed but i know that as i work toward the marathon, speed can not be a concern. i’ve got to focus on the stamina of going the distance.  i’m not good at recognizing my own pace so i let them set it and it was perfect. i felt strong the entire run. there was a hill at the very end ~ or what we here in florida call a hill but is likely nothing more than a slight incline ~ and three of us broke off from the other two and i think there was a little unspoken competitive push. about 100 meters from the end someone said something about sprinting and we all took off. i love that feeling. the final push. the final rush.

all in all, i think the week was a success. i’m tired and a bit sore but nothing severe. one week and 33.5 miles closer to disney. not a bad beginning.


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it begins a little closer

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  • 1. sarahwrites2  |  August 31, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    great start! way to go bec 🙂


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