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week of september 1
total mileage 26
weeks until disney 18

monday 4 mile treadmilll run at home
time 37:08
weather air conditioning

tuesday off

wednesday 4 mile treadmill run at gym 
time 35:12 
weather air conditioning

thursday 5 mile track workout
mile 1 warm up 
mile 2,3 and 4 intervals ~ 800 at 8 mm pace, 100 cool down, 300 at 8 mm pace, cool down
mile 5 cool down
weather 89 and cloudy

friday 3 mile treadmill run at gym
time 28:36
weather air conditioning

saturday 10 mile treadmill run at gym
time 1:38:47
weather air conditioning

sunday off

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage 182.5
asics gt-2130 new pair total mileage 16

unfortunately most of this week was spent on the treadmill for various reasons. sab being home or last minute house guests that headed south to evacuate for hurricane gustav. i am not a fan of running on the tread. i love having one as backup and it’s not bad for training my body to the rhythm of my needed pace. but in addition to the boredom of the limited scenery along the way, my body doesn’t come off tread runs the same. i hurt today. bad! of course that could be from the increased mileage as well but i know the tread plays a role in my pain. my IT band has been bothering me again and my back and shoulders are extremely tight. i spent 20 minutes in the sauna after my run friday really focusing on stretching and it made me want to find a bikram class. saturday morning i iced. strangely i actually felt better after saturday’s run than i did going in. but there’s definite discomfort in just about every muscle of my body today and i think it’s about time to splurge for a massage. i’m overdue.

saturday’s long run was done on the tread due to the time of day i had to run. there was no way i was doing 10 miles in 97 degree weather. i wasn’t thrilled with the idea of that kind of distance inside but it was surprisingly less tedious than expected. my run is and always has been very emotionally theraputic. it’s an escape. a personal meditation of sorts. i’m a thinker. obsessively analytical and often powerless to shut down my brain to the point of suffering severe insomnia. but when i run something changes. i get lost inside myself. into a depth of requisite vacuity. i was almost disapointed when i found myself nearing mile 10. i easily could have kept going and even took my last 800 at an 8:30 mm just to confirm that my physical stamina paralleled that of my emotional.

the week itself was extremely busy but relatively stress free. got some good news. saw family i didn’t expect to see. and last night about 25 of us from the running group all went out to dinner and cosmic bowling. it was a great time. we had a private room with our own lanes and personal bartender. i was a little concerned about bowling. i’ve got to be so careful doing anything that could risk me tearing the meniscus more. surgery and recovery time are not an option at this point. but i did great. averaged a 146 with a high game of 154. not bad. at dinner i finally broke and shared with most that i’m doing disney. the support was incredible. not that there really was before but now there is definitely no turning back. they will not let me fail. i will not let me fail!

26 miles closer to disney.


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many miles ’til mickey disney world dad

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