17 weeks ’til mickey

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week of september 8
total mileage 30
weeks until disney 17

monday 4 miles ~ hill repeats with the group
mile 1 9:36   mile 2 8:58   mile 3 8:56   mile 4 8:51
weather 92 and humid

tuesday 6 mile treadmill run at gym
time 58:47
weather air conditioning

wednesday 4 mile treadmill run at gym 
time 37:35 
weather air conditioning

thursday off

friday off

saturday 12 mile treadmill run at gym
time 2:04:17
weather air conditioning

sunday 4 miles
time 35:29 (a sub 9:00 average!!!)
weather 85 and humid

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage 208.5
asics gt-2130 new pair total mileage 20

all in all this was a good training week. a few aches and pains but nothing that an ice pack and some ibuprofen can’t cure. monday hills were a little rough. it was just one of those days when my rhythm was off and i almost quit after 3 repeats but T motivated me to go for a fourth and it ended up being my best mile of the evening. tuesday and wednesday were at the gym and i took both runs at a relatively easy pace. i’m still having trouble slowing down especially when i’m outside so i’m really trying to use those tread runs to help my body get used to a slower pace. thursday was a day off and i wanted to do something fun with sab so i took her to pump it up. an indoor bounce-house play place with all sorts of bouncey castles and huge inflatable slides. we met up with “the cop” and his little boy and since i was still in my work clothes i planned to sit sideline and let the kids play on their own. but they all talked me into joining in the fun. talk about unique cross-training!!! i came out of there feeling muscles in places i forgot i had. we might have to do that more often. friday was my second down day and by mid-afternoon i wanted to run so bad that i had to talk myself out of just doing a little one. but i’m adhering to the plan to only run 5 days a week.

it was sab’s weekend to spend with her dad but he was going to a football game friday night so she was home which meant i couldn’t take advantage of the early morning temperature reprieve on saturday. so the plan was to hit the gym later in the day and do 11. but somewhere between friday night and saturday when i got to the gym, i had bumped the goal up to 12. i have no idea why but i was damned and determined to do it. i set myself at an easy 10:20 pace and the first 10 were pretty easy. but it wasn’t long after that i started to feel the strain and it reminded me of the half marathon. same thing. the wall at mile 10. i had gu’d at mile 9 in anticipation of it and that helped get me through but it was rough. my problem isn’t so much the physical stamina rather than the muscular exhaustion and pain. the energy was there. especially with the carb jolt from the gu but my legs didn’t want to lift at all. but i didn’t quit and that means saturday was officially my second longest run ever. the longest being the half. another couple weeks and i should surpass even that.

saturdays run left me pondering a question of etiquette. i was closing in on mile 10 when a girl got on the tread right next to me. i was a little irritated. there were about 15 other free machines  (saturday evenings are slow at my gym) and i prefer to have extra breathing room when possible. but i figured it would be fine. i’d zone out and hardly notice her presence. or so i thought. i was immediately engulfed by an overwhelming aroma of perfume. i’m sure if i had passed this girl in the hallway at work i would have thought the scent pleasant. but there’s a point in a long run that the sense of smell becomes very sensitive and mine was there. my stomach churned and i literally almost threw up. i wanted to move. to jump even one more machine away. but it seemed so rude. what would she and the few other people around me think. could i explain that it was simply too much for me without insulting her. should i even care. who wears perfume to the gym anyway! in the end, i stayed where i was. every now and then getting a new waft of air that left me fighting back the need to vomit. in retrospect, i think next time i won’t care to be so “emily post”. screw the sensitivity and concern for someone else’s feelings. i may end up looking like a rude bitch but i’d rather that than the alternative and i’m guessing so would everyone else.

30 miles and a near vomit closer to disney. gotta love it!


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