one of them oprah chicks

September 26, 2008 at 9:55 am 1 comment

there were two of them that came to clean the carpets. both attractive. personable. fun. i always try to be friendly. more than just your average home owner who opens the door, points them in the right direction and says “get to work”. i suppose there are times i can be a little more than just friendly. as much as i hate to admit it sometimes, i got the gift of gab from my mom and i’ll happily chat with anyone willing to listen. and on top of that … i enjoy a little harmless flirtation and contractors are typically willing recipients. painters. carpenters. landscapers. the pool boy. my best story ever is the one about the bug guy ~ but i think i’ll keep that one to myself 😉

so there i was with the carpet cleaners. joking around. talking. trying to make the mundane job of pushing a steam clean machine back and forth maybe just a little more enjoyable. the conversation was pretty basic but somehow within five minutes one of them worked the conversation in a not so subtle attempt to determine my relationship status.

“so”, he asked, “you and you husband blah dee blah dee blah” …. nope no husband.
“oh. then you and your boyfriend blah blah blah” … nope no boyfriend.
“really? why not?”

oh, boy. i hate that question and though i try to be politically correct, the answer does typically tend to impart a hint of feminism and is usually more than people bargain for. i’ve been there, done that, have the divorce papers to prove it. i’m picky. independent. self-sufficient. i have a career. a child. hobbies. i’m happy. busy. for the most part, i am single by choice (and for the simple fact that no one has really impressed me since boston). sure, someday i’d love to find the right guy but i refuse to settle. essentially i do not need a man to be happy.

i think my rant caught him a  bit off guard but he quickly recovered.

“so”, he said, “you’re one of them oprah chicks? ”

oprah chicks? what? here was a term i’d never heard used. “you know what i mean”, he explained, “modern women who feel they can do it all on their own. the ones that have no need to let men take care of them. it’s not a bad thing,” he rationalized, “just hard for us guys to understand sometimes.”

i have found that i have a hard time explaining myself to men. as recently as last night “the cop” told me that i must be scared of getting hurt simply because i won’t give in and go out with him again when there is still an obvious physical attraction. truth be told i know he wants something serious and he’s not what i’m looking for long-term. i would end up hurting him and that i won’t do. and not long ago i got into a huge debate with a guy i was casually dating who was convinced that all women ultimately want to be in a relationship with a man who can be their savior. needless to say that was our final date. somehow men just don’t seem to understand that the term “independent woman” doesn’t necessarily mean “bitter and jaded feminist”.

so from here on out i am no longer going to classify myself as independent. i am no longer going to try and explain to men in great detail why i’m single. it’s very simple …

i’m one of them oprah chicks!

i love it!


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official starting line 15 weeks ’til mickey

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  • 1. gr4c5  |  September 27, 2008 at 7:33 am

    thanks for the laugh! xoxox


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