15 weeks ’til mickey

September 28, 2008 at 2:42 pm 1 comment

week of september 21
total mileage 30 (sort of ~ explanation to come)
weeks until disney 15

sunday 2 mile treadmill run at home
time 19:04
weather air conditioning

monday 5 miles
time 45:07
weather 74 and humid with a light rain

tuesday 7 miles
time 1:09:06
weather low 70s and windy … perfect!

wednesday 5 mile treadmill run at gym 
time 47:16 
weather air conditioning

thursday off

friday off

saturday ranch run 5k
time 25:19
weather high 60s no humidity

sunday 11 miles
time 1:53:22
weather low 70s

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage 249
asics gt-2130 new pair total mileage 22

i really wanted to get back outside this week and avoid the tread whenever possible. running anywhere helps alleviate my life stressors but the lack of confines on the open road is far more liberating. i’ve also had this craving for rain. not a typical florida, lightning-filled torrential downpour but a light cleansing shower. i had already planned to skip out of hill training with the group on monday ~ i needed a solo, mind-erasing run ~ and when the clouds started rolling in late afternoon i hoped they would stick around long enough for me to escape the office yet not bring more than i bargained for. in spite of the humidity that tagged along, the rain was ideal and the 5 miles in it seemed to go by too quickly. but the weather that was left in its wake was beautiful. an early florida fall that allowed me to turn off the air conditioner and sleep with open windows. tuesday my friend J joined me for an evening run. we decided to drive to bayshore ~ a long stretch of road that runs along tampa bay ~ and it was 7:30 p.m. by the time we got started. though he’s run long distances before, J is a very part-time runner, and the lack of recent activity quickly caught up. i stayed with him for the first 3 miles but it was clear he needed a rest. i only had another half mile until my turnaround and told him to wait it out and i’d “pick him up” on the way back but not long after my turn i found him running toward me. he was determined to do the planned 7 miles so while he kept heading to the turn point, i kept heading back toward the car. the last half mile stretch to where we parked was down a pretty dark road and i didn’t want to run it alone. so i turned back and ran until i found J which was right at my 7 miles. of course since i’d turned around and gone the other way, i was now a full mile away from the car and J was determined to run it all. i walked/ran along side his pace and used the extra mile as a solid cool down which i likely don’t do enough of. so technically total mileage for the evening was 8 but i’m only counting it as 7.

mid-week “the cop” called and asked me to run a 5k with him on saturday. his sargent had “asked” a few of the guys to participate in an annual youth-ranch run and to recruit friends or family as well. saturday was supposed to be my long run but i agreed anyway and vowed to get in my extra miles sometime later in the day. initially i figured i’d take the race easy but soon came to realize i was kidding myself to think i could resist a personal challenge. my 5k pr of 27:07 was done on a cross country course in 97 degree weather and i knew it was waiting to be broken. we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning. with temperatures in the 60s and no humidity i figured i’d comfortably make my goal of 26:00 ~ an 8:20 average pace. i really wanted to do this one right and vowed not to go out too strong but the cool temps were so invigorating and the course beautiful and i hit mile 1 at 7:58. i pulled back the pace after that just a bit but felt i could maintain pretty well. and i did. my new 5k pr ~ 25:19. an 8:10 average ~ fourth in my age group ~ 13th female ~ and 68th overall out of nearly 400 runners.

though i still planned on getting in my extra 8 miles for the day, it just never happened. the ex couldn’t take sab to a make-up gymnastics class so i did. then, after a late breakfast and a nap, i simply didn’t recover enough physically to run again. so since today’s run was a planned 3 miles, i opted to “swap” days and make today my long run. (hence the lack of clarity on the week’s total milegae). after an amazing night’s sleep ~ aided by an ambien to ensure the banishment of the recent insomnia ~ i was up and on bayshore early this morning. it was still dark and unlike a saturday morning, the popular route was nearly empty. it wasn’t until about mile 6 that i started to get company and mentally i felt the change that made in my run. the solidarity is so much more powerful. there were a couple times i started to fall victim to the mental exhaustion of the long distance but it seemed as though every time i started to fade i had a visitor. a dolphin not far out in the bay. three times he surfaced. or maybe it was different ones each time. who knows. but somehow every time he did i found a deeper connection to my run. the 11 miles felt almost easy.

this week was amazing. the change in weather ~ i hope it lasts. the race. the dolphin. if only they all go this way, the road to the marathon will be one i can truly enjoy.

30 miles and a new 5k pr closer to disney.


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one of them oprah chicks disney ice princess ~ or 14 weeks ’til mickey

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  • 1. sarahwrites2  |  September 30, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    you inspire me 🙂


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