disney ice princess ~ or 14 weeks ’til mickey

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week of september 28
total mileage 33
weeks until disney 14

sunday 5k race from last weekend counted in this week’s miles

5 mile treadmill run ~ gym
time 47:32
weather air conditioning

tuesday off

wednesday 7 miles ~ bayshore
time 1:06:07
weather 79 with low humidity

thursday 5 miles ~ gornto loop
time 47 (estimate since my garmin battery died mid-run)
weather 85 with medium humidity

friday off

saturday 13 treadmill run ~ home
time 2:19:56
weather air conditioning

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage 282
asics gt-2130 new pair total mileage 22

the most inconsistent part of my run has always been the “long-run”. it’s been somewhat of a challenge in my world. when sab is at her dad’s i’ve always tried to join the group for a little saturday morning company. but every other weekend, single-parenting has forced me to take to the tread and to be honest … it rarely happened. but now i have no choice. the long run is a necessity. there is no avoiding. with sab home this weekend, the plan for saturday was to be up early. if i could start by 5 a.m. i could finish before we had to head out the door for the 1-mile fun walk sab wanted to do at the museum of science and industry and it wouldn’t take time away from later in our day. i suppose there’s still lingering concern from the conversation a few weeks back about my running leading to me being neglectful and the early start wouldn’t take away a saturday of mommy daughter time. but friday night, as i tucked sab into bed, my own exhaustion was so apparent and i dreaded setting the alarm. much to my surprise she told me not to. “it’s the weekend”, she said, “and even mommies should get to sleep in. run in the afternoon. i’ll be ok playing alone. i understand.” damn, i thought, i’m a lucky mom …

but saturday morning, after a too-good-for-drugs walk and a few hours fighting crowds of kids in the museum, i wished i’d risen early and simply gotten it out of the way. somehow sleeping in until the not-so-late hour of 7 a.m. just didn’t seem worth it anymore. my motivation was nonexistent and i couldn’t imagine doing even a mere few miles. i lay down on the couch with the intention to “just relax for a few minutes”. but as i settled into the soft leather i suddenly realized that it was now or never. it wouldn’t be any easier to start in thirty minutes than it would be at that moment. i got up, brought the tread to the living room, found the cheesiest movie on tv and started running.

one gu, two G2s and a bag of sport beans later i was done. my body hurt and the movie was long over but i had run thirteen miles. there was temptation to go an extra .2 ~ the opportunity to exceed my longest run ever was less than two minutes away ~ but i opted not to go on. not because i couldn’t but because i felt no need to rush. that milestone will be achieved and surpassed soon enough. all in due time. and somehow it seemed important to wait.

earlier in the week i’d spent time reading up on long-run recovery. my usual routine of a shower, food and a LONG nap wasn’t an option this week so i needed to try something different and nothing seemed more rudimentary than the tell tale ice bath. some speak of it as agonizing others as euphoric. i simply aimed to survive it. i took advice and donned a fleece jacket, a ski cap and a bikini bottom ~ are you laughing at the visual yet ~ and lowered into a half-filled cool tub. then, with the help of my eight-year-old, poured every ice cube from our freezer over my legs. i fully expected to jump. to have to force myself to stay submerged in the freezing water. but i hardly moved. the feeling was incredible. my legs, still somewhat numb from more than two hours of running, came back to life and the exhaustion that had consumed me only minutes before seemed all but existent. after every last ice cube was melted, i took a warm shower then got ready for the rest of our day. an early dinner, a trip to the store for junk food and then beverly hills chihuahua at the drive-in. all the while finding no need to fight off pain or exhaustion. i am a believer.

33 miles and my first-ever ice bath closer to disney.

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