13 weeks ’til mickey

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week of oct 5
total mileage 31.3
weeks until disney 13

sunday off

monday 3 mile treadmill run ~ gym
time 28:12
weather air conditioning

tuesday 5 miles ~ school loop
time 44:51
weather high 70s

wednesday 5 mile treadmill run ~ gym
time 49:42
weather air conditioning

thursday 4 mile treadmill run ~ home
time 38:15
weather air conditioning

friday off

saturday 14.3 miles ~ group 10 miler plus park loop
time 2:28:16
weather 74 to start, 83 at end

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage 314
asics gt-2130 new pair total mileage 22

this was the first week i didn’t manage to get in all my scheduled miles. i shorted the week by 3.7 but i’m not worried. wednesday i was supposed to do seven but i didn’t get to the gym until late and then came to find i hadn’t charged my ipod. i’ve been getting better at running without music so i wasn’t too concerned but one thing i can’t take while running ~ or anytime for that matter ~ is chatty girls who talk about the most asinine things. and of course that was the neighbors i ended up with. i pushed through best i could trying to block out the details of their latest crushes, drunken excursions and money woes and i was doing ok until one felt it appropriate to start talking about her period. that did it. with no empty treads to move to, i simply opted out of the last two miles. then on thursday i simply couldn’t find the energy to stick to the plan so my five-miler became four.

saturday i finally had the opportunity to get back outside for a long run. a number of people from my group were racing in sarasota but a handful were headed to “the way” to do a couple loops. with 15 on my schedule i wanted company for as many miles as i could get and with a little pleading i was able to get them to agree to do the 10-mile loop instead. it’s not the most visually stimulating course ~ it weaves through neighborhoods of typical florida suburbia ~ but it was nice running with friends and being off the treadmill.

when we got back to the park the temptation to simply accept ten and go for breakfast with everyone was hard to resist but when one of the runners from the faster group offered to do another two with me, i managed to put bagels and coffee out of my head. we made it about a half mile before a lingering injury forced her to stop. she pressed me to go on and pick her up on the way back. but suddenly those two miles didn’t seem enough. if i could manage them, i could mange the entire loop. so with renewed energy, i set off on my own. no where in the loop did i feel unable to go on. it was getting hot out and my legs were feeling fatigued but everything else fell into place ~ my pace, my stamina, my mental connection to the run ~ it all worked.

14.3 miles. my longest run ever! as my own worst critic i kick myself in the ass for not doing the full 15. physically i could have done it easily ~ my last mile was my best split time ~ but i simply couldn’t find the willpower to pass my car and start the loop over. regardless, i am damn proud of myself.

on a side note, i lost my first toenail this week. i knew it was going to happen. it’s been purple for months. it’s the one negative i’ve found with the asics gt-2130 but compared to the blistering of my brooks and the lack of arch support in my nikes, a little toenail isn’t going to make me try a different shoe. not right now. my first lost toenail … i’m so proud! now i feel like a real runner!

31.3 miles and one less toenail closer to disney.


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disney ice princess ~ or 14 weeks ’til mickey i need all the help i can get

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the best of times

5k pr ~ 24:23
10k pr ~ 52:49
half marathon pr ~ 1:55:10
marathon pr ~ 4:10:41
half ironman pr ~ 5:57:50
50k pr ~ 5:33:23
50-mile pr ~ 11:32:39



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