5 weeks ’til mickey

December 8, 2008 at 3:19 pm 2 comments

week of nov 30
total mileage 27.1
weeks until disney 5

sunday off

monday 4 miles ~ hill repeats with the group
time 9:06  9:20  9:15  8:45

tuesday off

wednesday 5 mile treadmill run ~ gym
time 46:02

thursday 5 miles ~ neighborhood
time untimed

friday off

saturday off 

sunday brandon half marathon
time 1:57:00

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage 410
asics gt-2130 new pair total mileage 146

nothing matters about this past week except yesterday. yes, i know, adding it adds an extra day to the week but it has to be counted.

ten months ago i ran my first half marathon and i swore i would never put myself through the physical agony again. granted, back then, i had no idea what i was doing when it came to training. and i had severe bronchitis for weeks about a month prior. and though i still came out of that experience extremely proud of my accomplishment, i was convinced i wouldn’t be stupid enough to do it again. my how times have changed … today,  i give you carte blanche to call me stupid 🙂

my weekly long runs have surpassed the half-marathon mark a few times. before my injury last month i’d hit a milestone 16 mile run that i was surprisingly comfortable with. so the mileage of doing the brandon half-marathon wasn’t really a daunting challenge. i chose to think of the day simply as the week’s long run with friends ~ and a few hundred others. i didn’t plan to “race”. i didn’t want to push it. with disney a mere 5 weeks away my only concern is staying healthy and injury free. and with a past half-marathon time of 2:27:37 i knew that at this point even an easy run would bring me a PR. but just prior to the start TE, a friend and running mate (who was running the 5k not the half), asked me what my goal was. my response … “i’d love to go sub 2 hours but i’m not going to push for it”.

but the thought was firmly planted in my head …

as always i went out a little fast but quickly found what felt to be a comfortable rhythm. mile 1. mile 2. mile 3 … i was maintaining a comfortable 8:30. i started to think that maybe a sub 2 was a realistic possibility but quickly reminded myself that i was not to push hard at any point. but at mile 7, when i was still holding around an 8:50, i knew that i had a strong chance and i couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by.

everything was going well until about mile 10 where we hit wind. strong wind. the occasional glance at my Garmin showed a steady decline in my pace and i started to lose the hope i’d let creep in. but a few calculations made me realize that even if i ran 10 minute miles from there on out i could still cut it close ~ real close. i knew that i had a hill to face at mile 12 so i pushed through the wind best i could to capture every second possible.

i passed the mile 12 marker at right about 1:47:00 and i knew that if i could hold on and make it to the top of the hill i had the sub 2. but the first few steps of incline hurt like hell. i felt the wave of nausea that comes with pushing past my physical limitations and i actually started calculating how many seconds i would need to make up if i stopped to walk versus if i had to stop to puke. then, not far in front of me a guy stopped to walk. beaten by the hill. and as i neared, i screamed to him “come on! YOU CAN DO IT!” he looked startled and confused but somehow that simple statement snapped him back to life and he fell in beside me. with each step we silently willed each other to go on. we never spoke but stayed side by side somehow needing each other. and when we finally reached the top, a simple glance between us, was all i needed to know that he was ok, and i was ok. and from there i got lost in the glorious feeling of going downhill.

with about half a mile left, TE was waiting to run me in. she knew i had the sub 2 and i’m not sure which one of us was more excited. her encouraging words were needed, her support so amazing. i can’t remember what it was she said but i started to respond and she yelled at me “don’t speak!!!! RUN!!!!!!”  and that i did. as i made the final turn to the finish line i saw my daughter  jumping up and down cheering for me and for her i found my sprint.

my second half marathon ~ 1:57:00 ~ a PR by more than 30 minutes.

27.1 miles and a sub 2 hour half-marathon closer to disney


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  • 1. sarah  |  December 8, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    sub 2….you continue to amaze me!!!

  • 2. melissa  |  December 10, 2008 at 7:35 am

    amazing writing but awesome awesome awesome job on busting your tail with that half! That’s awesome! Im proud of you chick! You are going to do freakin awesome at Disney!!! Love you!


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