3 weeks ’til mickey

December 22, 2008 at 2:36 pm 2 comments

week of dec 14
total mileage 27
weeks until disney 3

sunday off

monday 4 miles ~ neighborhood
time untimed

tuesday 5 miles ~ bayshore
time 42:30

wednesday off

thursday off

friday off

saturday 18 miles ~ the way

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage 437
asics gt-2130 new pair total mileage 171

the holidays took a toll again this week. i got in two short runs early on but a party wednesday night and dinner with family on thursday left my mileage a bit slim. i thought about putting in a few miles on friday but really prefer not to run the night before my long run. i knew going into this one i was going to need all energy i could hang onto. not only was the distance going to be a new record  but the weather was questionable as well. florida winter hasn’t quite cooperated with my love of the cold and i’m one of those runners that is seriously affected by a warmer temperature.

the plan was to start at 6:30 a.m. and do most of the 10-mile route at “the way” with a handful of others then JJ and i would piece together the additional miles around the loop. thankfully the temperature wasn’t bad. the fog and mist kept things cooler than anticipated. but the moisture in the air was incredible. within two miles my dry hair was soaked and i could feel droplets of water dripping down my face ~ and it wasn’t raining. i found it hard to get a steady depth to my breathing. as the sun came up, the fog burned off but was replaced by a quickly increasing temp and it didn’t take long before we realized that it would have been wise to start earlier and then join the group.

we stayed with the others until about mile 9 and then JJ and i split off on our own and all was going well until we made a pit-stop at mile 14 for me to grab my G2 out of my car. we didn’t stop for long ~ maybe 60 seconds ~ but that’s all it took. as we started back, the first few steps were agonizing and i wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to recover my rhythm. JJ felt it just the same and i think if either one of us would have said “let’s quit now” the other would have eagerly agreed. but thankfully, i’m pretty damn stubborn and it seems so is he and after about half a mile all was ok.

the loop brought us back to the parking lot at mile 17.75 but, as agreed, we weren’t stopping. the plan was 18 miles and 18 it would be ~ not a step less. not a step more. we pushed past and when the garmin signaled that final mile mark, we slowed to a walk. 

the pain was intense. my legs felt as though they couldn’t hold my weight and every muscle screamed at me as i stumbled along. i feared each step, expecting something to pull the wrong way or twist beneath me but i knew i shouldn’t stop. i had to keep moving. i honestly think the quarter-mile walk back to the car was worse than the 18-mile run that preceded it. maybe we never should have stopped. lol.

so i have reached a new milestone ~ 18  miles in 2:55:19. i continue to be amazed at the consistency of pace that i’ve maintained in my long runs as of late. we averaged a 9:44 and only two of the 18 were above a 10-minute mile ~ miles 14 and 15 … after we stopped for the G2. and surprisingly mile 18 was a 9:35 ~ the allure of the finish pulling us in like a magnet.

given the pain i felt after stopping or when slowing to a walk, i think the trick for disney is obvious … simply never stop. at least not until i reach mile 26.2

27 miles and a new longest run closer to disney

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4 weeks ’til mickey 2 weeks ’til mickey

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  • 1. kivasab  |  December 24, 2008 at 11:11 am

    I’m so glad u did that!!! you should keep on working hard 2 get ready 4 the Mickey Marathon and if u feel like u have to stop and there is a lot of pain think of me because i have a lot of FAITH in u!!! U CAN DO THIS!!!! U teach me a lot about running and i belive in u so u should belive in yourself because there is defanitly more than 18 miles in a MARATHON!!!!!

  • 2. becelisa  |  December 24, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    sab ~ you are an amazing little girl. your support, love and faith mean more to me than i could ever express. i can’t wait until march when we run the gasparilla 5k together. i love you so much.


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