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January 9, 2009 at 10:01 pm 1 comment

this is it. my final thoughts before i run my first marathon the day after tomorrow. it’s been a roller coaster ride the past few months ~ deciding whether or not to make the commitment, training, reaching new milestones, dealing with injury, struggling with schedule restraints, bonding with my running group and so much more. i can say for certain that i’ve come a long way. proof of that can easily be seen in my recent half marathon pr of 1:57:00 ~ a full 30 minutes faster than my half earlier in the year. but the proof i can’t show with numbers is simply how i feel heading into this challenge.  i know it won’t be easy. i know it’s going to test my physical and emotional limits. but i also know i can, and will, succeed.

when i first started blogging about my decision to run this marathon, i mentioned that i had a time goal ~ the one i would be happy with ~ though i didn’t feel ready to share it. i will admit that it didn’t take long before that goal was revised ~ by almost 40 minutes ~ once i had my actual training and saw what i  could do if i put my mind to it. initially i also said that i would be fine should i need to walk part of the race. but now i aim to run each and every step no matter how painful.  it’s silly for me to think that i can ever accept mediocrity in myself. and that’s not to say that by any means walking a marathon ~ part of it or even the entire distance ~ is mediocrity. but it’s not what i know i am capable of and the only person i would be letting down if i didn’t strive to do my best is myself.

until recently i wasn’t sure what, if any, exact goal i wanted to set. i kept thinking about the “where i’d be happy” number versus the “where eko’s training schedule put me” number all mucked in with the humorous yet oft too typical novice marathoner’s goal to “just beat oprah’s time”. the analytical side of me calculated averages and medians but nothing ever seemed to feel right.  but last night, when tucking my daughter into bed, i lay down beside her as she told me a bedtime story. it was simply the story of me, running the marathon, and how proud she was and how well she knew i would do. and as she fell asleep, the words still rolling off her tongue, i knew what my goal was going to be.

my daughter was born on april 23, 2000 ~ 4/23/00

i will run the 2009 disney marathon in 4:23:00 ~ this one’s for you sab.


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running naked ~ or 1 week ’til mickey running with the mouse ~ the 2009 disney marathon

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  • 1. sarah  |  January 10, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    best of luck becca!!!


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