weeks of march 23 and 30

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week of march 23
total mileage 26

sunday 4 miles ~ home tread
time 36:12

monday 6 miles ~ hill training ~ 1/2 mile warmup, 5 mile repeats, 1/2 mile cool down
repeat times 8:39  8:28  8:33  8:28  8:38

tuesday 3.1 miles ~ irish run
time untimed

wednesday off

thursday off

friday off

saturday chasco half marathon
time 2:04:07

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage TOO MANY
asics gt-2140 new pair total mileage 13.1




week of march 30
total mileage 14

sunday 5 miles ~ bbsp trail run
time 49:55

monday off

tuesday off

wednesday 5 miles ~ gornto loop with newB and buns
time 43:35

thursday off

friday off

saturday 4 miles ~ flatwoods with sab on bike
time 35:47

asics gt-2130 old pair
total mileage TOO MANY (but still using them for trail runs)
asics gt-2140 new pair total mileage 22

well i can’t say i got off to a very good start with doing my sunday updates again. so here’s a breakdown on the last two weeks. i still haven’t quite found a rhythm again in my routine (running or writing) and i really need to establish both soon if i have any chance in using mcm to boston qualify.

the pasco chasco fiasco half marathon (as newB and i deemed it) was exactly that ~ a total fiasco. the morning of i found myself slightly regretting having registered. it was already hot and humid by the time we got there and i think i gave up on the pr before i even started. we headed off to the start and i hoped i’d find the motivation and energy i seemed to be lacking. it was a small race with the same course for the 5k, 10k and the half and though it wasn’t ever crowded it was nice when we passed the 10k turnaround and had an open field. i held strong for about the first 6 miles pacing about an 8:40 average but just after the turnaround i completely lost all steam. the temps snuck up into the mid-80s which is over my heat tolerance point and then it certainly didn’t help that for about a 4 mile stretch there was no water left on the course. i finished with a 2:04:07 and was surprised to find that was good enough to take first in my age division. but all-in-all i wasn’t happy with my run or the race itself. but it was great to see and spend some time with denise and her friend lori. and what made it even better is that all of us placed in our respective age groups. it’s still funny to me how a blog and a love of running connected total strangers. i hope to see and run with them again soon.


this past week was pretty weak all around. a mere 14 miles is likely my slimmest week in quite some time. i seem to have completely allowed myself the right to not run when sab is home and that isn’t going to cut it. as much as i hate it, the dreaded tread has to become my friend again. i did take sab out this weekend to flatwoods and let her bike while i ran. she made it four miles. not even close to enough for me to consider it a decent weekend long run but it’s a start and i’m hoping i can work her up to longer rides. though with the heat of florida summer soon to be unbearable, i’m not sure she’ll be willing or able.

so that’s the basics of my running world. the rest of my world has felt just as topsy-turvy. i’ve been over thinking again. analying my life, my choices, my future. this is dangerous territory for me as it usually lead to some massive upheaval. which can be good … but can also lead to rash decisions. i’ve got to get my world back in control.


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a not-so-brief running recap spiral

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the best of times

5k pr ~ 24:23
10k pr ~ 52:49
half marathon pr ~ 1:55:10
marathon pr ~ 4:10:41
half ironman pr ~ 5:57:50
50k pr ~ 5:33:23
50-mile pr ~ 11:32:39



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