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after trying to run on sunday and still encountering pain in the bottom of my foot, i finally broke down and made an appointment to see the doctor. my frustration was ever increasing and i knew i needed an answer. yesterday i got one. the good news … there is no fracture or really any major damage of any sort. i do however, as the doctor said, have very unusual feet.  yes, he used that exact phrase. unusual. as i am quite aware of, i have incredibly high medial arches ~ the arches along the inside of the foot we all think of when we think of the foot arch. however, i have virtually no metatarsal arches ~ the arch that runs across the ball of the foot that helps keep weight strike off the metatarsals. so essentially every step i take ~ walking or running ~ slams directly onto my metatarsals. the switch from asics 2130s to the new model 2140s likely shifted my stride just a hair that caused me to run with every strike landing only on the first metatarsal of my right foot. imagine one little part of a bone on my foot that is supposed to be protected by an arch being slammed into pavement and taking the entire brunt of my weight over and over and over again. no wonder i hurt. then, what i did, was overcompensate to avoid that spot and started straining my ankle.

problem diagnosed. solution underway. i must learn to run with orthodics in my shoes. no biggie. many runners do so. as he showed me the ones we’re trying, the doctor issued a warning … “you will hate it at first and it will feel like you have rocks in your shoes.” with instructions to transition into them slowly ~ an hour here, an hour there ~ i went home and eagerly put on my running shoes with the expectation of getting on the treadmill for a little test run.

ha! i was lucky to be able to walk (hobble) around the house. forget a rock … it feels like i shoved tennis balls into my shoes. if this is what it feels like to have a metatarsal arch then i don’t think i want one! add in the unusual combination of my high medial arch which, with the unnecessary extra lift of the orthodic, is now pushing the top of my foot so tightly against my shoes that my toes are numb from lack of circulation! and i’m supposed to run like this?! i know i’ll get used to it. patience is a virtue and the orthodic will start to work with my feet rather than against them. but damn, this hurts.

i brought my shoes to work today. as i hobble around the office in business clothes and running shoes i seem to be getting a few odd stares. thankfully every here knows me all too well. they watched me barely able to walk after my first half marathon and laughed at my attempts to go up the stairs after the disney full. they’ve seen the blisters and heard race horror stories. and to think … i used to wonder why none of them have yet to take up running yet.


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spiral week of may 10

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