week of may 10

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week of may 10
total mileage 11.5 miles

sunday off

monday 4.5 miles ~ hills ~ 1/2 mile warm up, 4 repeats
repeat times 8:41  8:35  8:56  10:00

tuesday off

wednesday weights

thursday 4 miles ~ st. pete beach
time 36:34

friday 3 miles ~ lake st. charles loop
time 25:42

saturday off

asics gt-2140 new pair total mileage 40 ?? (lost track but this is close)

while this week is certainly nothing to brag about, i do feel as though i am finally pulling my head out of my ass. i still have yet to fully comprehend why this injury has been so mentally debilitating but i think ~ i hope ~ that i am regaining control. what’s been hard is that i can’t even say i’ve been upset. or depressed. or angry. it’s been simple emptiness. a lack of emotion about which i’ve been  so nonchalant that it concerns me.

physically i’m getting used to running with the orthodics. i can’t say they are comfortable yet but at least i’m not hobbling around in agony anymore. tomorrow i’m hoping to connect with a guy who does custom orthotics for a few in the group to see if he can’t put me in something a bit more tailored to my “unusual feet”. then from here, i need to work on increasing my milage back up and even more important, finding my love for the run again. i think it’s time for trails.

on a different note, i am trying something new this week. there are times i contemplate going vegetarian but i’m not sure i could ever completely cut meat out of my diet. i very, very rarely eat red meat, but chicken is a constant. and the idea of never eating shrimp or lobster again is unfathomable. but i tow the line. so this week i am going to test the waters for no particular reason than to say i can. and because i’m curious as to how it will make me feel. will i see an increase in energy? a decrease in weight? a healthier feel over all? or something completely different! i won’t bore anyone with what i eat every day and i certainly won’t post pictures of my every meal (why do people do that in their blogs?!) but at the end of the week i’ll let you know if i succeeded or not.

i am also completely determined to get back to my weekly updates. i think they are a neccesity for me especially come training. so hopefully this will be the start again. training for MCM starts in a little more than a month and a half and i need to be back in control with a solid milage base well before hand. it’s time to get over the pity party and just do it.


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5k pr ~ 24:23
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50k pr ~ 5:33:23
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