week of may 17 ~ the climb

May 28, 2009 at 11:56 am 1 comment

week of may 17
total mileage 22 miles

sunday 5 miles ~ gornto loop
time 44:12

monday 5 miles ~ gornto loop
time 45:06

tuesday off

wednesday 6 miles ~  lake st. charles loop
time 56:17

thursday off

friday 6 miles ~ lake st. charles loop
time untimed

saturday off

asics gt-2140 new pair total mileage  62

well i’m late with writing again. i’m trying really. i just can’t seem to find the time or the motivation yet. but i’ll get there. (note, i’m posting this without my times. my garmin is at home and i’m not so i’ll add them later.)

last week was better in my running world then it’s been in awhile. i’m slowly adjusting to the orthotics and my ankle finally feels stable. i will say that i’ve started to have other aches and pains throughout my leg but i assume that will be the norm for awhile as my stride changes from the orthotics and my body adjusts. mentally i’m slowly starting to feel as though i’m getting back in the game. even with my ex out of town all week, i managed to get in 22 miles for the week which shows that i didn’t use sab being home all week as an excuse. i still found ways to get in the miles regardless. that’s a step i haven’t taken in quite awhile! and eko is working on my training plan for MCM and somehow the reassurance i get from him that i AM a runner and i CAN continue to do this is helping me get my mind back around things. this time around we’re also discussing nutrition and supplements and looking into how i can better my eating habits to maximize my performance. i’m a pretty healthy eater in general but i have my vices ~ wine being the primary. i love a good glass of wine! but sweets are minimal, i rarely drink soda and i really don’t even particularly like fried foods ~ with the exception of french fries and the occasional indulgence of boneless chicken wings. so menu changes will be minor but we’re going to start including e-caps and endurox in my running regime. i’ve pretty much given up the idea of using MCM as a BQ attempt but i do want to go sub 4-hours which is stilla PR by a huge margin so i’m looking at everything i can do to help. by the way, i did survive the week with no meat however, should i ever attempt something so silly again, please slide a juicy cheeseburger under my nose and remind me that man is, by nature, a carnivore.

training starts in six weeks and i have to be back to 100 percent by then. it’s been a slow climb getting out of this mental and physical funk but i am climbing … finally.

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week of may 10 miles and miles

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  • 1. Rob  |  May 30, 2009 at 10:13 am

    “i did survive the week with no meat however, should i ever attempt something so silly again, please slide a juicy cheeseburger under my nose and remind me that man is, by nature, a carnivore”

    I absolutely will. 🙂


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