july running recap

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my attempt at weekly training training recaps has once again faltered. i do keep notes in my day planner so i know where and when i’m meeting my training goals but i really want to get back to posting on here. it holds me accountable and given the last week or so, i have a feeling i am going to need all the help i can get staying on track. we’re now 12 weeks out from MCM and though i am, for the most part  keeping up with the plan, i still have yet to feel a connectivity to this race. i’m going to try again. so to bring you up to speed, here’s the recap on the last few weeks. (note some times are missing as i don’t have them with me but i’ll add them later).

week of july 5
total mileage 32

sunday 4 miles ~ trails
average 9:25

monday 4 miles ~ home treadmill hill training program ~ p3, l3
average 9:45

tuesday 5 miles ~ home treadmill
average 9:25

wednesday off

thursday track ~ 5 miles ~ mile warmup, 4×800 with 400 recovery, mile cool down
800’s 3:57  4:04  4:09  3:58

friday off

saturday 14 ~ holyoke reservoir
average 9:20

asics gt-2140 total mileage 214

week two of training went almost exactly according to plan. added an extra mile to the sunday recovery run on trails but lost one from hills on monday due to time constraints. hills was an interesting experience this week. did them on the tread and it was awkward at best. but along with speed work they are a necessity to ensure i have any chance at m goal for MCM so i’ll have to get used to it. saturday’s long run was amazing! my first run after getting up to massachusetts for the week. i did the first half with a woman from a local running group i connected with and the second half with a guy i bumped into at the reservoir who was training for an iron man. though i knew it would, i was nicely surprised at how much of a difference the cooler temps and lack of humidity made in the way i felt.


week of july 12
total mileage 23

sunday 3 miles ~ mom’s neighborhood
average 8:29

monday 4 miles ~ mom’s neighborhood ~ very intense hill workout
average 9:25

tuesday off

wednesday 6 miles ~ berkshire campground ~ part intense trails
average 10:02

thursday off

friday off

saturday 10 ~ robinson state park~ almost all hills
average 9:58

asics gt-2140 total mileage 237

planned mileage for week three was to be 35 and i missed it by a mile ~ 12 miles actually! the week was an emotional roller coaster (see my blog post save the drama for your momma) and though i used the run to keep me sane, i had restraints with time. though the cooler temps in mass were fabulous, i did have hills to contend with on almost every run which, though a good thing, is not a challenge i’m used to. none-the-less, i kept my pace pretty solid and managed to get in enough miles to make the week not feel like a total bust.


week of july 19
total mileage 34

sunday off

monday 3 miles ~ lake st. charles loop
average 9:20

tuesday 5 miles ~ irish run
average 9:12

wednesday 6.3 miles ~ old fort king trails
average 9:38

thursday 5.7 miles ~ home tread
average 9:35

friday off

saturday 14 miles ~ fishhawk
average 9:43

asics gt-2140 total mileage 271

planned mileage was 33 but i tossed in an extra somewhere along the line. maybe out of guilt from the week prior. coming back to the heat and humidity of florida sucked but after a few days i felt able to handle it again. biggest change as of this week was adding supplements to some of my harder runs. my first attempts at e-caps seemed to make me a bit nauseous but i’m working on dosage and will now include this electrolyte caplet before and during hills, track and long runs. i’ve also switched to endurox as a post-run recovery drink on my long runs only. eko suggests it after hills and track as well but the calorie count is insane and i’d rather stick to G2 on other days.


week of july 26
total mileage 32

sunday 3 miles ~ home treadmill
average 9:09

monday 4 miles ~ hills
average 9:11  9:12  9:12  8:57

tuesday 5 miles ~ irish run
average 9:09

wednesday 2 miles ~ neighborhood
average 8:03

thursday track ~ 2 miles ~ 1/2 mile warm-up, 2×880 with 440 recovery (work out aborted due to heavy lightning)
880’s 3:57  3:49

friday off

saturday 16 ~ nature’s way
average 9:40

asics gt-2140 total mileage 303

planned mileage was 36 and managed only 32. wasn’t feeling the hills so i skipped one repeat and track was called part way through due to lightning. i wasn’t happy that two of my primary workouts were busts but saturday’s long run was redeeming. 16 miles seemed easy. well not easy i suppose, but i finished feeling as though i could easily have continued. in fact mylast mile was an 8:56 ~ 44 seconds below the run’s average ~ clearly indicating that i was far from exhausted.

on a different note, it’s about time to start shoe shopping. i’m getting out of the 2140s due to the problems i’ve had with them but i’m kind of scared to switch out of asics all together. but think it might be time to try something new.


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