finding the rhythm

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week of aug 16
total mileage 39

sunday off

monday 5 miles ~ hills on the tread
times 9:45   9:00  9:00  9:00  9:45 (estimated based on speed and incline)

tuesday  4 miles ~ irish run
average 9:00

wednesday 7 miles ~ home tread
average 9:50

thursday 5 miles ~ speed work ~ home tread
times mile warm-up at 10:00, 5 x 800s @ 4:00 with 400 cool downs, 1/2 mile cool down

friday off

saturday 18 ~ fishhawk
average 9:29

asics gt-2140 413 total mileage

though i don’t feel my heart is yet completely in my training, my mind finally is. this was the third week in a row i felt strong and insisted on the run, insisted on the miles. in fact, i exceed my planned miles by two. my long run called for 16 this week but the majority of the group is running a different plan than i am and had 18 scheduled so i opted to do the extra couple. where most in the group went with another coach’s plan for MCM i opted to stay with eko. he got me through disney right on target and i prefer his coaching style ~ hands-off and flexible. initially he’d planned to ensure my long runs coincided with the other plan but there’s a little discrepancy that i’m simply working around.

much of this week was run on the tread including a first time attempt at speed work on the evil machine. i was actually nicely surprised. once i found security in my footing at the target speed, it was nice knowing i was right on pace for each of the five 880s run. in spite of the fact my tread is in my garage, so there’s no reprieve from the brutal summer temps, i didn’t feel quite as spent as i do when i run track.

this week’s 18 was even better than last. where i’ve been too conservative in the beginning miles the past few weeks, this week i found the perfect pace with H and we pushed each other enough to feel the burn but not too an extreme. the front nine was still a bit slower than the average ~ a 9:40 ~ but we took the back nine to a 9:11 ~ a solid pace increase for negative splits. the temp was a few degrees cooler ~ though the humidity was still rough ~ and it made a definite difference. i’m really counting on the hope that the weather for MCM will be cool, dry and ideal.

this coming week looks to be chaotic on the personal front ~ first week of 4th grade for sab, need to turn one of the rentals after a tenant moved out with no notice, have a busy work week and need to get a better understanding of this dating thing. so i foresee a few challenges this week but i’ve got a good rhythm going and i’ll find a way to make this week work too!


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the best of times

5k pr ~ 24:23
10k pr ~ 52:49
half marathon pr ~ 1:55:10
marathon pr ~ 4:10:41
half ironman pr ~ 5:57:50
50k pr ~ 5:33:23
50-mile pr ~ 11:32:39



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