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August 31, 2009 at 9:47 am 1 comment

week of aug 23
total mileage 39

sunday off

monday 4 miles ~ hills on the tread
times 9:45   9:00  9:00  9:00  (estimated based on speed and incline)

tuesday  off

wednesday 7 miles ~ long gornto loop
average 9:00

thursday 5.5 miles ~ speed work ~ home tread
times mile warm-up at 10:00, 5 x 800s @ 4:00 with 400 cool downs, mile cool down

friday off

saturday 22.5 ~ fishhawk
average 9:43

asics gt-2140 452 total mileage (i know! i know! way too many miles on these things. bought a new pair yesterday!)

going into this week felt rough. i was tired and i simply didn’t want to run. sunday i skipped recovery. monday i shorted myself two hill repeats. and tuesday storms kept me from the only thing that i think could have enticed me to run ~ tri-guy and cold beer. but come wednesday i was itching to get back on the street and i made a schedule change to meet buns for a little brandonWest action. normally when we run gornto i drive to our meeting spot at the pony. it makes for 5.2 loop that usually is enough to satisfy a mid-week run. but i needed  more. not just because the schedule said so but because i needed to replenish the endorphins before i fell any deeper into lethargy. so i left the car keys behind, plugged into the ipod and dodged the traffic to run the mile there. after the loop, buns offered me a ride back home but by then i clearly remembered why i run and i bade him farewell and took it up a notch, pushing mile 7 to an 8:10.

thursday speedwork was tread bound again and i’ve strangely become a fan. i like knowing i’ll hit my times ~ precisely. no chance to slack and maybe as important, no chance to push too hard and burn out before the end. friday was another down day. not for lack of motivation but in preparation of the saturday long. i thought about putting in a few short miles to make up for those missed but decided it best to save my energy. i’d gone back and forth all week with a mileage debate. technically my plan called for 18 but i’d done that distance three weeks in a row and felt a need to step it up. the “other plan” had most of the group doing 22.5 but weeks back they had tackled a 20 where i hadn’t. so i figured a compromise was fair enough. i’d do 20 to take myself to the next step but not take the leap from 18 to 22.5 in a single bound. well so as not to bore you with a long story ~ one that includes me being traumatized by a MASSIVE spider ~ i’ll simply state what likely was the expected … i didn’t stop at 20. i felt good enough to go on and i didn’t want to leave my “wing-woman” H. we’d gone that far together and i knew we could get each other through the rest. i won’t lie. it hurt like hell. my legs were on fire and the sun we’d warded off with early morning hours was beating us down. at mile 20.5 we stopped for hydration and it took a lot of convincing for me to get started again. but we pushed through the pain and the doubt and took each other all the way to the end.

22.5 is officially my longest training run ever ~ and second longest run period surpassed only by the marathon. though it hurt and i’m still feeling repercussions today, i fared far better than expected and my confidence for MCM is strengthening. i will say that there is one thing that has become crystal clear and i aim to use this blog as a reminder for any future memory lapses. i will NEVER, never ever, train for a marathon during the hell of florida summer again. period!


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  • 1. B.o.B.  |  August 31, 2009 at 10:40 am

    you say that now, but you’ll be back next summer. you watch. lol!

    good run on Saturday. i knew you’d do all 22.5. know why? b/c you are awesome.

    have a great week.


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