injury ~ truly the ultimate achilles heel

September 10, 2009 at 1:41 pm 1 comment

week of aug 30
total mileage 34

sunday 4 miles ~ trails
average 9:15

monday off

tuesday  off

wednesday off

thursday 4 miles ~ home tread
average 9:00

friday 8 miles ~ NW
average 9:12

saturday 18 ~ fishhawk
average 9:37

asics gt-2140 34 miles (ah … new shoes!)

somehow this week was preface of what was to come. i think the 22.5 on saturday took more out of me than i realized! though i hit the trails for a short recovery run on sunday come monday (and tuesday) i simply had no energy to even attempt to run. wednesday i planned to get in a few miles but a trip to the doctor with sab and dinner with a friend, her boyfriend and jc kept me from the road. thursday night i finally got to hit the tread before an early morning eight on friday. saturday was “only” 18 this week and though i was tired going in, i was ready to knock it out and get my weekly mileage to a decent number.

but the last couple weeks i’d been ignoring a slight twinge in my right achilles. it never hurt when i ran, just a little after or in the morning when i’d first get out of bed. but saturday it took a turn for the worse and actually started hurting at about mile 15. not bad, but it was there. i stuck out the run and immediately went to 7-11 and bought ice. i like to play injuries smart (for the most part) so i’m down. off the run for at least a few days.

i’ve been here before. when i first started running three years ago i suffered a brief bout of achilles tendonitis. a week or so down and lots of ice and i was back up and running. but a week then meant very little. i was a newbie. training for nothing. it didn’t really matter if i ran or not. a week now means everything. and with a mere seven weeks until MCM i’m petrified of finding the right balance of enough time down to heal without letting my hard work as of late go to waste. but those of you that followed my disney training saga know i faced injury then as well and about the same point in training and i still bounced back and made my goal. but the goal now isn’t quite so easy. the need to maintain the level of training is imperative.

saturday night i opted to wallow in the self pity and eat pizza and drink a bottle of wine. but that’s all i will allow. so i busted out the rusty bike and bought an aqua jog belt. it’s time for a little cross training!


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the long, hot road home sleep sets in

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  • 1. sarah  |  September 10, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    cross training…yeah!! great way to heal and keep momentum!


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