saturday rerun

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week of sept 20
total mileage 26.5 running, 8 biking, :45 swim, :30 DWR

sunday 30 minute DWR

monday 45 minute swim (laps)

tuesday  off

wednesday 8 mile bike ride ~ flatwoods

thursday 4 ~ home tread
average 9:30

friday off

saturday 22.5 ~ fishhawk 
average 9:47

asics gt-2140 85 miles

i’m back! at least enough to know that MCM is still a reality. this week started off at an all-time low. my mood and confidence were shot and i was becoming more and more certain that my trip to DC was going to end up merely a social visit to friends. i continued my retreat to the pool ~ the self torture of DWR and a pathetic attempt at laps in jc’s pool on monday ~ but all i wanted, all i needed, was the run i’d seemed to have lost completely. tuesday morning i woke after a series of empty dreams fighting back tears and feeling lonelier than i have in years. i’m not sure how i made it through the day but by tuesday afternoon i was teetering on the edge of a meltdown and as soon as i got home i let myself fall. i went through every emotion i typically scoff at ~ anger, sadness, frustration, hatred ~ before finally ending with nothing more than a void.

wednesday morning i knew it was time to stop being stupid. i called my orthopedic and scheduled an appointment for first thing thursday morning. i needed to know once and for all exactly what i was dealing with and to know if it was time to give up. the first bit of positive came from the xrays. no fractures, no tears. clean pictures that brought an immediate sense of relief. but the tendons weren’t quite so nice and pretty. the achilles had behaved ~ a huge plus in the grand scheme ~ but the tendon along the inner side of the ankle was inflamed and adding insult and injury to the muscles surrounding. i waited for the verdict. held my breath expecting the words “it’s time to take a break” but dr. H ~ a fellow runner ~ seemed to know my life was in his hands. “i want to treat. and i want to treat agressively. you will be running this marathon.” oh, how i love that man!

step one was a week long high dose of oral cortisone. and step two was to get me into PT for application of dexamethasone ~ a topical anti-inflammitory that should bring some immediate relief. when i think of something being applied topically i picture a cream. maybe accompanied by a little rub. never did i expected to be hooked to little wires and have little electric currents sent into my tendon. it hurt ~ like a b%#@* ~ but i walked out of PT with a renewed hope. (side note … i get to go through this fun procedure twice a week until MCM.)

that very evening i hit the treadmill. three miles ~ pain free ~ was all i hoped for. it felt good, very good, and when i hit mile three i couldn’t bring myself to stop. i ended up doing four and i wanted so desperately to do more but resisted the urge to be potentially stupid. the next day was the true test and it hurt a little but nothing like i’d been enduring. but by friday night i felt a little uncertain about saturday’s long run. i knew i could do at least the nine i’d done the weekend prior. i hoped i could get 13.5 and my all out dream was to push through to 18. but what i made it to exceeded all my expectations … 22.5 miles … the entire run. it wasn’t completely pain free. but tylenol at mile 13 helped take the edge off and get me through.

as H and i came up the final stretch, i heard the faster runners cheering us in to our finish and i flashed back to crossing the line at disney. a chill of emotion rushed over my entire body as i remembered that feeling of pure unadulterated pride and elation. it took all i had to hold back the tears of happiness knowing that i will have that again in a few weeks when i cross the finish line at MCM.

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the damage is done body and mind

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5k pr ~ 24:23
10k pr ~ 52:49
half marathon pr ~ 1:55:10
marathon pr ~ 4:10:41
half ironman pr ~ 5:57:50
50k pr ~ 5:33:23
50-mile pr ~ 11:32:39



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