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week of sept 27
total mileage 27

sunday 4 miles ~ trails
average 9:20

monday off

tuesday  5 miles ~ home tread
average 9:00

wednesday 6 miles ~ gornto
average 9:15

thursday off

friday 12 miles ~ fishhawk
average 9:27

saturday off

asics gt-2140 112 miles

these days it seems that if it’s not one thing it’s another. after doing 22.5 again on saturday i felt renewed. ready to tackle the last few weeks of training and really aim to determine a realistic goal. though i was tired and my quads hurt in ways they’ve never hurt before, i seemed to be holding my own once again. the week was a bit bare on the miles but i was trying not to push after having been off-and-on down for a few weeks. since sab was home this weekend, i was taking friday off work for my long run and newB had planned to join me. but thursday night found her with a sinus cold that left breathing a bit of a challenge. friday morning she opted to sleep in and meet me at the midpoint of my planned 18. i wasn’t thrilled. though there are times i need to run alone. need the solitude and the inner-reflection that heals my heart. the long run is not the place i prefer to do so. 18 miles alone is a long long time inside my head and a rough night with jc a few days prior (to be written about soon) left me convinced that excessive inner refelction was best avoided.

i started off strong. my pace kept straying fast but it felt good. but by mile 9 i was feeling pain in my left calf muscle which i had mildly tweaked on my wednesday run. as i had suspected might happen, newB was nowhere to be seen at the midpoint so after a potty and rehydration break, i set out alone on the return trip. but about a mile in i knew i was pushing it. the calf was tight. any incline hurt and i felt myself compensating my gait which can only lead to no good. i made it about another mile when newB drove by trying to find me and she joined in for the last of the run. but it wasn’t another mile that i knew it was best to stop. long runs are about stamina and having done the full 22.5 the weekend prior i feel pretty sure that distance will not be an issue come MCM. it’s my lack of ability to do speed and hill work that will destroy my goal. but at this point it’s not worth pushing through any twinge that could become a bigger problem. so we stopped and walked it back to newB’s car and called it a quits.

i was disappointed no doubt but i also trust my instinct when it come to my body. i spent the next two days massaging the crap out my calf with the roller bar and feel it’ll be ok. but the frustration of feeling as though my body has completely revolted against me is truly taking a toll ~ physically and mentally.

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saturday rerun setting the pace

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