once a marathoner, always a marathoner

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week of january 3
total mileage 23.5 plus 30 minutes walk/run with sab

sunday 4 miles ~ trails
average 9:00

monday 30 minutes walk/run
sab 5k training plan

tuesday  3 miles ~ home tread
average 8:40

wednesday 4 miles ~ from sab’s gymnastics
average garmin free

thursday 3.5 miles ~ track
mile warm up, 3-440s with 440 cool downs @ 1:36, 1:36, 1:34, mile cool down

friday off

saturday 9 miles ~ home tread
average 9:40

asics gt-2140 who knows who cares ~ retired as of this week
asics gt-2150  miles 16.5

so here we go. the first weekly update in months. pleasantly ironic considering this was probably my strongest weak ~ physically and mentally ~ since MCM. i’ve been seeing SR ~ the therapeutic massage rehab specialist i saw awhile back ~ about my ankle for the last few weeks and it seems his treatment has made a difference. ultrasound, a little laser, and a gel similar to icy hot that i rub into my ankle and then saran wrap my foot to minimize circulation. he also has me running in an ankle brace for extra support. though i can’t say i’m at 100 percent as of yet, yesterday i did nine miles on the tread and could have easily kept going. and today i feel virtually no pain. and as importantly, if not more so, something also clicked mentally yesterday. i have no idea what happened but for the first time in months i woke up and recognized the woman looking back at me in the mirror. she was strong, confident, happy and ready to tackle the challenge of life. i’m hoping she sticks around for a bit because i had truly come to fear the shell of a person i was becoming.

though nothing major, i have settled on a few smaller upcoming races. i can say with almost complete certainty i will run the gasparilla half. that leaves me six weeks to train and since the distance doesn’t really concern me, i would like to use the time to work on speed so i can attempt a pr. i ran track sprints this week for the first time in months. just 440s. i hit them too fast trying to keep pace with newB but it felt good to run hard again. then a couple weeks after gasparilla are the shamrock races. sab is doing the 5k again this year with the goal to run the entire thing. eko made her her own personal training schedule and she thinks it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. it’s proving rough already though. with her dad unwilling to help, all three weekly run/walks need to be done when she’s home with me and i know we can’t maintain that easily with school, homework, gymnastics and the rest of life. but i want to challenge her to follow through on this and help her succeed. not sure if i’ll do the 10k first before running the 5k with her like i did last year but that’ll likely be a day-of decision. late march i plan to road trip it to charlotte, sc for the cooper river bridge 10k. it’s a race jc has raved about and months ago i set my heart on us spending the weekend up there together while i ran. though i’ll likely end up going alone, it’s a race i still want to do. and then on april 10, MB has asked me to do the urban dare with him. it’s a two-person part-trivia, part-photo hunt urban challenge that sounds like a ton of fun. something completely different …

and, not to get my hopes set too high, but if the next few weeks go well, i may look for a march/april timeframe marathon somewhere i can road trip to. nashville maybe? i will not let the calendar year pass without running at least one full marathon and fall races mean summer training again so i’d rather something sooner before it gets too hot. the idea of 22 mile training runs in 98 degree weather really don’t appeal again. but i will do what i have to do. i am a marathoner and for as long as my body, heart and mind will allow, i want to run at least one every year.

i also re-joined a gym today with the goal to tackle the bike and the swim so somewhere this year i can tri. this runner i’ve become. this woman who needs the endorphines. this is who i am. and i can only get better from here on out if i accept and embrace the strength i embody.

addendum: for the hell of it, i think i’m going to add a new total category to my weekly updates; miles run in 2010. curiosity has me wondering what that number will be ~ without setting  a specific goal. prior to this week i only had one other 2010 run so my current grand total is 32.


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week one of my tomorrow recommitment

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the best of times

5k pr ~ 24:23
10k pr ~ 52:49
half marathon pr ~ 1:55:10
marathon pr ~ 4:10:41
half ironman pr ~ 5:57:50
50k pr ~ 5:33:23
50-mile pr ~ 11:32:39



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