sleepless in tampa

February 8, 2010 at 3:16 pm 2 comments

week of january 31
total mileage 28

sunday 4 miles ~ trails
average 9:09

monday off

3 miles plus 30 minute ab workout ~ gym
average 8:30

wednesday 5 miles ~ NW-Y loop
average 8:54

thursday ~  5 miles ~ interval training ~ br parkway
mile warm up
4-800s with 400 cool downs  3:41, 3:47, 3:52, 3:49
mile cool down

friday off

saturday 11 miles
average 9:45 ~ gym tread

asics gt-2150  118 miles

total 2010 miles 134

i earned every single mile i managed this week! given how little sleep i got i’m suprised my body held out as well as it did. it started last friday night before my long run. two hours of sleep and tossing and turning were a nuisance but not unusual. as an obsessive over analyzer, my mind often wages war with slumber and the body is used to a night or two of restlessness. no surprise then that saturday night was similar and sunday the same. with nothing specific really weighing me down i assumed a night of rest was soon to follow. but night after night sleep remained elusive and the body and mind started to fall victim to exhaustion. even ambien failed to work and  friday morning ~ after seven nights of restlessness ~ i tried to get out of bed for work and knew i simply couldn’t. i can’t pinpoint what kept me up all hours. lingering sadness from jc? nervous anticipation of putting my house on the market and waiting to see if i can escape from under the weight that holds me here? fear of falling back into my comfort zone of guarded independence? maybe a little of all of those. nothing stood out as being the culprit but obviously something was weighing on my mind. let me tell you … running with little to no sleep SUCKS! my legs felt like dead weight and there wasn’t a single interval run on thursday that didn’t make me feel like i was going to puke. thankfully friday day and night brought much needed rest. not without interruption but enough to regain control of my body and mind. 

we’re down to three weeks until gasparilla and then from there i have to decide if i’m committing to a spring marathon or postponing to fall. i really don’t want to train over the summer again but both nashville and the twisted ankle might be hard to fit into my schedule. nashville is the day after sab’s 10th birthday and she wasn’t too happy that i was considering going out of town and twisted ankle is the weekend before i’ll be in DC for my 20th highschool reunion. i’ve considered taking a couple weeks off work and simply exploring as i head north ~ lord knows i have more than enough vacation time ~ but i promised sab this DC trip would include her and there’s no way i can pull her out of school for a two-week road trip.  is there? anyway, i’m getting a little ahead of myself. i still need to make it to the starting (and finish) line of gasparilla. but from there i best be ready with the next step.


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running is cheaper than therapy to date or not to date

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  • 1. bgirl875  |  February 9, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Wait a minute? Are you telling me there is a race called “twisted ankle”? Is it just me or is that a really bad name?

    I totally agree, I suck when I do anything sans sleep. One of my NYE resolutions have been to sleep earlier, but this snowstorm thing has really thrown off my sleep schedule. And my body feels it in the AM.

    Anyway I’ll be hoping for better sleep for both of us…mommies need sleep too, damn it! =)


  • 2. becelisa  |  February 9, 2010 at 8:53 am

    it’s a trail marathon in georgia and i REALLY want to do it! average finish time last year was around 6 hours (my PR is a 4:15) so that gives you an idea how rough and hilly the course is.

    so jealous of the snow!


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5k pr ~ 24:23
10k pr ~ 52:49
half marathon pr ~ 1:55:10
marathon pr ~ 4:10:41
half ironman pr ~ 5:57:50
50k pr ~ 5:33:23
50-mile pr ~ 11:32:39



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