what’s a little 26.2 mile run?

February 18, 2010 at 10:32 am 2 comments

so i’ve settled on a marathon. one that allows me to stay in town for sab’s b-day. keeps me off the twisted ankle trails of georgia. and let’s me spend the summer in the pool tri training rather than running 22-milers in 98 degree temps. what race you ask? well, i have decided to run the gasparilla distance classic full marathon. so let’s see … that allows me exactly hmmm … 10 days to train! plenty of time, right?

for those of you who are thinking i have lost my mind, let me attempt to rationalize this decision. first, gasparilla is a part of tampa history. and my own. long before i started running i had a working relationship with the race director, susan, and would laugh at her every time she’d bring me yet another pair of running shoes or race jacket and tell me i would love running if i’d just give it a try. when she found out that i finally broke down and took to the streets she didn’t try too hard to stifle an “i told you so”. though i ran a couple of 5ks first just to get a feel for things, i still see the gdc 15k as my first real race. it was the one H and i had planned for and the first one that really hurt. a year later, the gdc half was my first 13.1 and without it, i never would have met the bunny. last year, the half again and the only reason i did disney and not the gdc as my first full was because the races had been pushed back a few weeks due to Superbowl and i didn’t want to risk the potential bad weather ~ which proved a good choice. so when i learned this would be the last year there would be a running of the full marathon there was no question in my mind that i would run it.

but flashback to three months ago and my world was falling apart before me. i was on a roller coaster of emotion with jc, my ankle never fully recovered from MCM and my head was so screwed up that my body was paying the price. training for me was no longer fun. i missed the run. you know, the one i do simply because it cleanses my soul. i tried to convince myself that i could still do the marathon and simply enjoy it. no pressure. no goal. no need to pr or go sub-4 as i’d hoped MCM to be. but i knew better and given the lack of control over everything else in my world, running was the only thing i had a chance to define and the outcome was going to be obsessive and self-demanding. i felt i had to prove something to me, myself and i and i was beyond overwhelmed. the day newB told me that it was not only ok but probably necessary for me to let the marathon go i felt relief in ways i can’t explain. though i still aimed to run the half and have been training for it, i have yet to actually follow my plan for anything other than my long run distance. during the week i run when i want to. i run how far i want to. i run how fast i want to. i run because i love to run.

this past tuesday, susan was the guest speaker at our running group monthly meeting. listening to her talk about the marathon final voyage really made it hit home that this was my last chance to ever run this race. and as soon as she walked out of the room i knew that i wanted to be a part of that history. with less than two weeks until the race i have no choice but to accept the fact that it will not be pretty. that i will not pr. that i will not run sub-4. but somehow none of that matters. this one is simply for the love of the run.


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dances with dirt tat’s a tough choice

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  • 1. bgirl875  |  February 19, 2010 at 2:03 am

    Wow! Amazing! and a wonderful reason to JUST DO IT! You will be awesome because you simply are! I’m rooting for you, girl!

  • 2. sarah  |  February 20, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    thats great! can’t wait to read about it 🙂


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