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it’s been a quiet, lethargic week  and a half since the gasparilla marathon. i have to admit that running in the condition i was in probably won’t go down in my history book as being the smartest thing i’ve ever done but i am still glad i did. it took a couple days before i could stomach food and another couple before i stopped having intense stomach pains. but by friday i was back to normal if not still a little sore.

sunday was the first day i put back on the running shoes. thankfully i had every excuse to go slow since i was running with sab. with her 5k right around the corner i knew it was time to see if she could “bring it” more than she has been. we haven’t exactly stuck to her training schedule and the longest run she had ever done was only up to 1.5 miles but i have no desire to slave drive a nine-year-old into becoming a runner so i haven’t pushed her. but sunday our goal was two miles straight. the weather was gorgeous and we opted to head to a nearby state park that has a great 1.8 mile paved loop and a playground she could reward herself with afterwards. we even took the dog ~ who sab insisted on running with regardless of it being awkward to run with a leash. all in all it was a perfect run! i was a little stiff. sab had a couple whiney moments. but she did a full two miles and even managed to sprint the last .1 ~ she’s definitely good at finding that energy burst at the end just like me. afterwards, she played on the swings while the dog and i spread out a blanket and caught up on the last couple issues of runners world. then we headed downtown for the gasparilla arts festival and finished the day with a trip to the movies to see alice in wonderland. an amazing day with my little runner girl 🙂

somewhere between sunday afternoon and monday morning i came down with a full-fledged cold. given how run down my body probably was i wasn’t surprised i finally got nailed with it. it’s been going around my office for weeks! but it was all head cold ~ nothing chest ~ so monday evening i chose to run regardless. four and a half at an 8:45 pace. nothing to write home about but it felt good. last night i seemed a little worse for the wear and figured running might not be the best choice but after a week of inactivity i couldn’t fathom sitting on my ass so i decided to try something completely different. i ended up at the gym for a body pump class ~ a barbell weight training workout aimed to make you hurt! it was pretty intense and i’m sure tomorrow i’ll be cursing the instructor (i always hurt worst two days after a workout) but i have to say it felt really strange to exercise without cardio.

going forward, i’m still not so sure on what i plan to do with myself. the tri temptation is there but every time i even think about getting in the ocean i have mini anxiety attacks so i’m just not so sure i want to put myself through the trauma. maybe someday when i get out of florida and live somewhere that i can swim without sharks or alligators. i’m not throwing out the idea all together yet but i’m close. and in spite of my saying i didn’t want to do another fall marathon and that one this year was going to suffice, i have tentatively committed to another ~ gee there’s a surprise. the bunny is running chickamauga in november and really wants me to come up for it and who am i to disappoint a friend. but i do still plan to back off the miles for the next few months. weekday runs likely won’t be more than five miles and saturday longs no more than 10 … maybe 14 ~ for some reason i like that distance. and i’d like to add in some more weight training so i can tone up the arms and the abs.

whatever it ends up being, i know i have to find a routine again. on  a personal level my world is feeling a little topsy-turvy and i’ve got to find a solid focus. the end of this month could find me in a very dire predicament and i’m trying not to let the anxiety consume me while at the same time doing the few things i can to prepare for the possibility though much of it is out of my control. and we all know how much i hate not being in control!!! 😉


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