the bitch is back

March 22, 2010 at 7:45 am 2 comments

week of march 14
total mileage 24

sunday 3 miles ~ sab’s 5k
average 12:00

monday off

tuesday 6 miles ~ gym tread
average 8:50

wednesday 6 miles ~ gornto
average 9:30

thursday ~ 3 miles ~ bayshore
average 9:15

friday off

saturday 6 miles ~ fort king trails
average 9:50

asics gt-2150  218

total 2010 miles 260

even though my paces were slow ~ one day with sab for her 5k and a couple with buns who’s trying to get himself back up to running par ~ i put in five days this week and a respectable 24 miles. i still need to tack on some distance to the long run but i was really craving a trail run this weekend and won’t do them alone and buns just isn’t ready for more than what we did. but all in all i feel good and think i can settle into a nice little summer routine. i really do want to try and make myself cut down to four days plus two days cross training but i guess i’m taking advantage of what i know are the last few lingering days of semi-cool temps. before long the heat will make me retreat inside and the gym and the pool will become my new bf’s.

physically i’m dealing with a few aches and pains. the ankle is feeling a little questionable and something is going on with my right hip but neither concern me too much at this point. i suppose both should be reason enough to make me adhere to lighter mileage just to be sure. but right now i need my run. after the conversation we had the other day, i lashed out at jc about something i really had no right to, but i was hurt and angry and i’m tired of tip toeing around his bruised ego. i really let him take more of me than he deserved and i’ve hit the point to where i’m pissed. not necessarily at him so much as at myself for not demanding better but he definitely isn’t without blame either. so i said what i needed to say and now, as always, i’ll retreat to the open road and run away. back to my comfort zone.

driving home from work on friday i decided to start really proactively planning ahead. there are so many things i think about doing and though the wheels are in motion in some ways, i think it’s about time i take more than just baby steps. so i called M2 in NC and asked her if she’d want some company for the week of sab’s spring break. not only does that get us out of here for a much-needed and much deserved change of scenery but it’ll let me explore the area a bit more and really decide if it’s someplace i want to pursue in the next couple of years. i’ve already reached out to a running group in the area so i have someone to keep me from getting lost and lazy while we’re there! i’m counting down the days …

even though things have been a roller coaster the last few months i really do feel better than i have in awhile. life’s tough. and it truly sucks sometimes, but i believe that everything happens for a reason. and, as i like to say … underneath the surface of emotional vulnerability i’m bitch enough to be resilient.

and the bitch is back.


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  • 1. bgirl875  |  March 23, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Welcome back, bitch =P

    • 2. becelisa  |  March 24, 2010 at 6:52 am

      🙂 thanks! it’s good to be back.


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