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March 30, 2010 at 8:01 am 2 comments

week of march 21
total mileage 21 + 2.5 miles walk/run
asics gt-2150s  239 miles
total 2010 miles 281

sunday off

monday 7 miles ~ gornto
average 9:20 ~ last mile was a 7:50 after i left buns to run home on my own

tuesday 2.5 miles ~ walk/run with C ~ four green

wednesday 4 miles ~ gymnastics run
average 9:15

thursday off

friday off

saturday 10 miles ~ bayshore
average 9:22

not exactly how i wanted the week to go but it wasn’t bad. thursday threw me off. i was dressed and ready to run but had a little homework issue with sab and skipped my run to make sure we got everything handled. i actually went to sleep in my running clothes with the intention of running early friday morning but when my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. i just had no interest in getting on the treadmill. if i’d been able to go out, i think i would have, but i’m not comfortable leaving sab at home alone yet for more than a quick run to the store or walk of the dog. i almost put in a few miles friday night to make up for it but prefer not to run the night before a long run. i probably could have and should have gone to the gym seeing as how i never got in any cross training this week. no weights. no bike. no swim. i really need to work on that.

most of my mileage this week was done with buns. the company is nice but his pace is slower so i’ve got to start adding back some speed work or going out on my own more often. i feel like i’ve pretty much stopped running with my group. weekday runs are just too late in the evening. i hate hanging around the house for more than an hour before heading out and by the time i get there, run, get home, shower and make dinner it’s pretty much bed time. and i’m burnt out on the fishhawk run so saturdays i’m venturing out to different places. i miss some of the support of group running but it’s also kind of nice not feeling the pressure of trying to “keep up”. there’s a big difference for me between running and training and right now i really want to just run.

this past week seemed little more than simply going through the motions. one foot in front of the other. average days. average life. nothing wrong with that i suppose but i’ve never done average well. and you never know what i’ll do to keep from being so.


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  • 1. fitandfortysomething  |  April 1, 2010 at 7:09 am

    Sometimes running with a dog is slower but more enjoyable. I agree with you on the group runs. They are always so late:(
    Great weekly total! Thanks for finding my blog! I really lik yours too 🙂

  • 2. bgirl875  |  April 1, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    Any week that includes a 10 mile run, is a good week in my book. Congrats, girl!


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