winking at fate

April 30, 2010 at 10:02 am 1 comment

when sab and i were in north carolina, we were looking through an area guide book and came across what sounded like a fun state park to explore. waterfalls and cliffs were an allure for florida girls and their dog used to flat barren trails. it was a little further away than we’d hoped to drive ~ nearly two hours ~ but our schedule was unscheduled and time really was of no concern. so off we went to danbury north carolina in hopes of some pretty pictures and views to inspire.  

from the moment we pulled into the parking lot it was obvious we weren’t going to be fighting crowds on the trails. the place was a virtual ghost town. i wasn’t surprised. it was a thursday afternoon and north carolina schools weren’t on spring break. after the long drive there, we decided to eat our picnic lunch before setting off and we made our way to a quiet row of tables.  

across the way was one other occupied picnic table. a guy, four kids, a dog and what i assumed to be his parents. i will readily admit i noticed the lack of a “mom” and had a brief fleeting fantasy of meeting some cute single dad while hiking but dismissed it with a chuckle almost as soon as i’d let the thought cross my mind. after eating and packing up lunch we headed down our first planned trail and passed by the picnic table they were at. for a brief second i caught his eye and we smiled but i was here to enjoy the park and i didn’t break stride as we headed on our first adventure.  

it wasn’t long before we heard voices and knew they were coming down the same trail. and with us pausing to take pictures and explore, soon after they caught up. friendly conversation yielded a completely unexpected surprise. they were from tampa too. random! we chatted for a few minutes before sab and i continued down the path. but it wasn’t long after i was kicking myself in the ass. here we were, 700 miles from home in the middle of nowhere and fate chance put an attractive man from tampa in my path ~ literally ~ and i walked away without so much as his name.  

i was nicely surprised when it seemed our path was metering out. it meant we’d have to turn back. pass them again. and when we did we spoke a little more, and realized that we both planned to do the hanging rock trail next. still feeling a little uncertain. unsure about meeting anyone. scared to let go of the self-image that i belonged to jc. i walked away ~ again. and not far up the trail i regretted it ~ again!  

back at the car, sab wanted to wait for them before we set off to hanging rock. hiking with mom was ok but the possibility of having other kids to talk to along the way was far more exciting. i agreed to wait for a bit. partially for her. partially for me. but as time passed i got restless and figured it would look kind of silly if we sat there too long. i considered leaving my card on his car but wasn’t sure what i’d say and i decided to simply start our hike and if i saw him again then maybe i’d accept the fact that fate was smacking me in the face.  

just as we were about to head off, i saw him coming up the path ~ alone. sab ran over to ask about the kids and a few minutes after i casually joined them. he’d run ahead from the group. work issue and no cell service further down the trail. he said they should be there soon and we could all do the hike. as we waited we chatted. i got a name ~ i’ll call him wink ;). i got a basic resume. i got a lot of smiles. but 15 minutes later when there was still no sign of his family, i told sab it was time for us to go. she pouted but wink promised her they would catch up and with that we set off up the mountain.  

we were about 10 minutes in when just him, his eldest daughter and their dog came up the path. out of breath ~ apparently they had run a portion of the way ~ he said they had simply caught up to say they weren’t going to join us. i was a little disappointed, as was sab, and we started to say goodbye when he suddenly changed his mind.  

about half way up the trail his camera died. being the ever sweet person that i am i offered to take pictures along the way and email them to him. ok, i admit it, i had ulterior motive. i figured i was being slick and was setting myself up with a way to contact him if i decided i wanted to see him again. but later, after a long fun hike, as we came down the path toward the car i reminded him about the email address and he grinned … “i already beat you to it”, he said “my business card is on your car”. guess i wasn’t the slick one after all!  

the other night we met for dinner. i have to admit that i almost cancelled. it was hard for me to imagine sitting at dinner across from anyone other than jc. and the thought of facing the possibility of a goodnight kiss actually brought tears to my eyes. but conversation was easy. we were an hour into a bottle of wine before we even thought to look at a menu and order. and hours after that, when the last sip was savored i found myself anticipating the possibility of what ended up being a very soft, nice goodnight kiss.  

with boston, i lost my belief in fate. with jc, i lost my best friend. in so many ways there are parts of me that are broken. unsure. scared to get lost in anything other than the run. but somewhere deep inside i still believe that everything happens for a reason. when we were part way up hanging rock i turned and saw this tree and i had to wonder if fate was somehow telling me to open up my heart to possibility.  

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  • 1. bgirl875  |  May 3, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    This is an awesome story. Even if he ends up being nothing but a good friend, apparently you guys were meant to meet. Enjoy the time! You deserve it!


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