the need for speed

May 3, 2010 at 3:24 pm Leave a comment

week of april 25
total mileage 21 + arms
asics gt-2150s  miles 341
total 2010 miles 383

sunday included in last week’s numbers

monday 3 miles + arms ~ gym
average 8:15

tuesday 5 miles ~ home tread
average 8:45

wednesday off

thursday 8 miles ~ bayshore with buns
average 9:45

friday off

saturday 5 miles ~ gym ~ intervals
mile warm up @ 9:30, 6 x 400s @ 1:50 with 400 cool downs, mile cool down @ 9:30

with the decision to try to pr the 4th of july midnight 10k, i’ve decided it’s time to step it back up. maybe training is what i need to get my life back on track. not to the degree of what i was doing before, but it felt really good to see numbers and goals from coach eko and to hear him say that going sub-50 should be no problem for me. this wallowing in self-pity and aimlessly stumbling through each day isn’t working and somehow i have to remember that i’m a control freak. which, correct me if i’m wrong, means i should take back control already! damn it!

i didn’t hit my desired minimum 25 miles this week and my long run ended up being a mid-week eight. but saturday i decided speed work was more important than the extra miles. eko has three different speed options for me.

  • 4 x 800 @ 3:45 with 400 cool downs ~ plus an easy mile warm up and mile cool down
  • 6 x 400 @ 1:50 (preferably 1:45) with 400 cool downs ~ plus an easy mile warm up and mile cool down
  • 3 mile tempo @ 7:45 minute mile ~ plus an easy mile warm up and mile cool down

the goal is to simply include one of those each week. my choice. the little speed work i’ve done lately has all been 800s @ 3:55 so shaving 10 seconds off those seems an easy target. and this past week i did the 400s and hit them all ~ though i will say that 7:20 minute mile pace feels crazy fast. it’s the tempo run at 7:45 minute miles that really intimidates me but i’ll be damned i’m going to get there! i hate to admit it but i know i’ve got to get off the tread and take the speedwork outside. given our recent leap into the hell of florida summer i’m not looking forward to it, but even a midnight race offers no reprieve from heat and humidity down here so i best get used to it now.

and, though i swore that i wouldn’t do another fall marathon that would require summertime training, i am now officially registered for the chickamauga marathon on november 13. it’s supposed to be an absolutely amazing race. small. scenic. well put on. i haven’t decided what ~ if any ~ goal to set. needless to say i still long for that sub-4 but not sure this is the best race to try and achieve it. with hills and trails it might be a little hard to do but if speed is a focus now, whose to say it can’t be then.

i’ve gotta’ start somewhere on my quest for boston and i think it’s time i dare to dream again.


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winking at fate taking the plunge

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the best of times

5k pr ~ 24:23
10k pr ~ 52:49
half marathon pr ~ 1:55:10
marathon pr ~ 4:10:41
half ironman pr ~ 5:57:50
50k pr ~ 5:33:23
50-mile pr ~ 11:32:39



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