double dipping

May 26, 2010 at 8:41 pm 1 comment

i swam! granted it was just in the pool but today i finally got my butt in the water to see what i could do. given how long it’s been since i’ve done laps, i didn’t anticipate lasting long so i figured i needed to sweat before i hit the water. four and a half miles on the run ~ the first few at an easy pace with buns and the last one up to speed ~ and then i headed to the gym.

i was thrilled to see a completely empty lane ~ and even happier that it was on the far end from the swim team! but as i slipped into the water a guy came up behind me and asked if he could share. pool etiquette at my gym is apparently two per lane so i welcomed him in with an apology if i were to get in his way with my novice swim.

the last time i even attempted to do laps i went out too fast and was appalled at how quickly i tired so i vowed to take this swim nice and easy. i didn’t look at the clock to see what time i started and i didn’t look to see what time i finished. i simply set out to look for a rhythm and to get an idea on distance.

i ended up swimming right about half a mile (my tri is only a quarter!) all at a nice easy stroke that actually felt decent in form. slight pauses at each end but no real stop and rest. of course i have no idea how i looked from outside the pool or if my technique is a disaster but my lane buddy commented that i looked good ~ and i don’t think he meant in my new not-no-sexy one piece frumpy nike suit.

i’ve now hit all three sports ~ the run (obviously comfortable there), the bike (steady just need speed) and the swim (better than i expected). so i guess now it’s time to actually establish and start an official training plan for this tri. it felt good to do two different sports in one day but there probably should be a method to my madness rather than simply double dipping at random. it shouldn’t come as any surprise that now that i know i’m not a complete failure at any of the three disciplines my mind has suddenly shifted direction to establishing a time goal versus simply finishing. of course all bets could be off once i have to get in open water but i’ll face that fear when i have to. meantime i’m on my way to becoming a triathlete and i’m feeling stupid giddy excited about it 🙂


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learning to let go mini-tri

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  May 27, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Half mile swim — nice job!!! That’s so awesome/exciting that your swim went so well. And so nice you had a lane partly to yourself then only had to share with one. I found myself sharing a lane with two people the other day and it was a little too crowded. It would be so nice to have a lane to myself!

    I thought exactly the same thing about shifting direction to establishing a time goal versus simply finishing. You can definitely do all 3 activities (and well it sounds like), and are already ahead of the game with doing two in one day so a time goal sounds like something great to focus on and work towards! 🙂


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