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June 15, 2010 at 1:49 pm 3 comments

last week started off ok but by the weekend i was over the swim and ready to run. i swam just about every night ~ a mile to a mile and a quarter each time. and though i do enjoy it, i am so ready to run it’s frustrating. i know i still can’t. i can feel the occasional pain when i move a certain way. bend for something low or stretch to get up in a high vehicle. but all i know is this down time better be making things right because i’m not sure how much more i can take. i’ve got another appointment with SR tonight. hopefully that will give me some peace of mind and maybe even earn me the ok to at least hit the elliptical. i need it. everyone around me needs it. i’ve passed the point.

years ago i made the insane attempt to quit caffeine. i’m not a big soda drinker but coffee … i. need. coffee. by day three or four without my cup of joe it seemed everyone could tell. i snapped. i yelled. i over reacted. withdrawal was a painful process ~ maybe even for me. and on day 10, when i came into my office and found a hot cup sitting on my desk with a little note begging me to drink it who was i to deny the peace-offering.

about six months ago i decided i wanted to try going a week as a vegetarian. i don’t eat a lot of red meat to begin with. love pasta and veggies, salads and nuts. surely a week would be no big deal. it was fun to start. new menus and new tastes. but after a few days i missed my chicken. craved a bratwurst. and by day seven i was sick of rabbit food. carb’d out and dreaming of chicken on the barbie. i wanted nothing less than a big, juicy cheeseburger ~ made with beef even not my typical turkey burger. thank god for five guys. a wanna-be-vegetarian girl’s savior!

this is day 13. no bike. no run. welcome to my own personal hell. my coworkers fear me. my daughter is being quite helpful around the house ~ tiptoing for fear of releasing what lurks beneath. little things are getting under my skin and i dare someone to bait me into an argument right about now. as of last advice, i still have six more days to go. hopefully tonight yields no more. less would be nice. pretty please. 

meantime. i can simply issue a warning to those around me. you might want to keep your distance. i can not be held accountable for my actions. however, if you come bearing starbucks and five guys then maybe we can talk. but proceed with caution. contents under pressure are likely to explode.


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a little cliché it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to

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  • 1. fitandfortysomething  |  June 16, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    it is tough when you can’t exercise or for that matter do anything you love so much….hang in there!

    • 2. becelisa  |  June 16, 2010 at 2:06 pm

      thanks! good news is the piriformis is improving. bad news is the surrounding muscles are compensating and my hamstring is acting up. good news is i’m cleared for the elliptical. bad news is i still can’t run. over all i suppose i’m headed in the right direction though so i’m going to try and be positive.

  • 3. kitkat1126  |  June 16, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    You know how I feel about routine so I can only imagine how frustrating it is. I hope it’s only 6 more days for you. Either way I wish I could send you some starbucks, five guys, and improved (running allowed) pififormis. That first run back is going to be amazing!


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