one mile at a time

June 29, 2010 at 1:41 pm 1 comment

i’m not exactly sure where i am emotionally or physically right now. some days my spirits are high. others … i simply function. this week i’m determined to get back to, at the very least, a regular routine of cardio. it might only be on the elliptical but it’s something and i have to recommit to that. the 8-week tri training for runners program that i found technically began this week. and marathon training isn’t far behind. if i can maintain a decent level of cardio i still have hope of not just completing but actually achieving time goals.

i’ve been back to the chiropractor a couple of times and though i still question his diagnosis and “expertise” i figure it can’t hurt to continue seeing him for a little while. we went over my xrays last week and there is excessive calcium buildup on my L5 to S1 joint. don’t ask me to explain that. i know it’s restricted movement of my lower lumbar into the sacral and it certainly could be the root of my evil but i still question his adamancy that it is not piriformis syndrome. so because i crave black and white answers ~ even though i know they don’t always exist ~ i’ve made an appointment with my ortho for next tuesday to get a third opinion. either he’ll agree with the chiro or SR and i’ll feel more secure with one of the two diagnoses or, my worst imaginable nightmare, he’ll come back with a completely different opinion and confuse me even more!

i did run a mile the other day. whoo hoo! a whole mile 😉  after 30 minutes on the elliptical i wanted to try it. i headed to the tread and within the first few steps i had to stop. i think the muscles in my inner thigh were in shock from being asked to run again. i took to the mats. stretched and stretched some more then tried again. it’s dumbfounding to me how different the two cardio forms can make me feel. the entire time on the elliptical i was antsy. watching the clock, checking out other people in the gym, i even caught myself watching tv. but as soon as i was on the tread. as soon as i found my rhythm i was gone. there’s no question to me where my “happy place” is. it was crushing to have to stop after a mere mile but i did. i’m really trying to be good.

i know i’m improving. not sure if it’s from SR and the ultrasound and massage. or due to the chiro and his back cracking adjustments. or the simple benefit of resting. but there is still a very deep, very painful reaction to pressure around the sciatica. so i’m far from ready to take on real miles yet. and though i’m tempted to try more, i think it best i hold off until i see the ortho next week. better to be safe than sorry and cause myself any setbacks.

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  • 1. fitandfortysomething  |  June 29, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    recovering from an injury can be so hard and such a downer….hang in there! you will get through it….


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