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September 7, 2010 at 9:09 am 2 comments

last week was really rough. sunday, monday, tuesday and even into wednesday i was frustrated and so angry at my body. i mean come on, i ran the friday prior. and felt ok.  so i was supposed to be getting better, right? yet i found myself in more pain than i had been in a while and the emotional toll it took was far worse.

thursday i had another appointment with LJ and by then i was feeling a little bit more put back together. not perfect by any means but at least not riding the edge of a physical and mental breakdown. this time we looked more at the actual area of pain. the hip. back. si joint area. she ran me through a variety of exercises she wants me doing on my own. the trick is going to be restrengthening the weak side. slowly work and awaken the muscles that are pulling my pelvis out of whack. it’s all about balance ~ muscular uniformity ~ that keeps my body in line. we talked about biking. i think i’ve come to the conclusion that right now it’s part of the problem not the solution. my two worst days have been after “rides” ~ one a spin class one the 25 mile ride last week. she gave me some tips. but for now i think i’m letting go of the ride. sad considering i just bought the bike, but the body needs to be healed first and i truly think the movement of the hip and si joint from the ride are hindering.

after my appointment i headed to a yoga class at a studio i’d never been too. truth be told, i had yet to ever take a class at a real studio down here. not that the classes at my gym aren’t real yoga. but doing yoga in a room where five minutes before 50 women were shaking their (some very large) booties to zumba or body jam class never seems to allow me the spiritual cleansing of a good yoga class. the calming feng shui of a room specific to the connection of mind, body and soul makes such a difference. i was a little hesitant. worried about the pain certain stretches might bring. but the class ended up being amazing. slow, steady stretches that my body seemed to crave. i really need to add yoga back into my world on a more regular basis.

saturday sab headed off to a friend’s for the evening and i decided it was time to try a few miles. nothing major. nothing fast. i really craved trails but couldn’t find anyone i could sucker into the woods with me but the cub was running bpk and i figured some company would serve as motivation. i didn’t want to hold him back and at one point i let him go on ahead while i took a brief walk break but for the most part he stayed by my side and kept me going. two and a half miles. 25 minutes (this includes two short walk breaks so when i was running my pace wasn’t horrendous) and i felt ok. after the run i met up with deeQ for a little pool time and then dinner, a bottle of wine and some girl talk. by mid evening i was feeling a little sore. not painful just achy. but given the fact that i’d run i expected a little discomfort.

the rest of our weekend was busy. beach day with my sister and her bf followed by a bbq. then labor day at a pool party. sab’s dad was picking her up at 3 p.m. and i wanted more miles. though i know i have to be patient and take things slow, i’m antsy. day by day the body is feeling different. better. understood. and i need to feel the improvement. once again there was no one for trails but i knew i needed dirt. i took the dog and headed out to bbs, a little nervous to head into the woods alone. it was hot. too hot. and i was bummed that controlled burns had my side trail shut down. without it, the run is nothing more than dirt road two miles out until the start of the other real trails. the dog had trouble not far in. her condition leads to a quick over heat and her excitement to be running added to her over exertion. i could see her struggle. her personality changes when she gets too hot. her body starts to stumble. so we took it easy. did just three quarters out, thee quarters back with some brief stops to make her hydrate and cool down. in spite of only doing a mile and a half i felt released. i need to find a running partner willing to dare the land. streets and traffic will never be where i belong.

i dropped the dog at home. ran a couple of errands but couldn’t dismiss the itch to do more. realistically i barely could call the wood run a real run so i figured more wouldn’t hurt. i let the temps drop a bit then headed off alone to bpk. another 2.5 with two short walk breaks. this time total was 23 minutes.

today i feel ok. there’s still discomfort but minimal. there’s hope not discouragement. i still need to be careful. patience is not my virtue and i’m apt to over do. but tonight i made plans so i can’t run. tomorrow sab has gymnastics so it’s unlikely i will ~ though i used to run from the studio while she’s in class all the time so i can’t say i won’t try. there’s still a long road ahead. but the rebuild has begun. this i finally feel sure of.


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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  September 7, 2010 at 11:45 am

    I wish I was closer, I’d love to be a running buddy who dares the land!

    I’m so glad the rebuilding has begun. *You’re one step closer and one more step forward*

  • 2. Anjeanette  |  September 28, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    It’s so important to protect the SI joint. It’s great that you talk about it. My boss, Leeann Carey, is a world-renowned yoga teacher & she says that you can gain SI joint stability through yoga. She has a free yoga video on this subject that you should check out:


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