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September 14, 2010 at 10:30 am 2 comments

this past friday i was back at LJ for another appointment. we talked about the little running i had done over the week, the pain i was still feeling and the movements and stretches that seem to make it worse. we ran through new exercises to add to my regime and really tried to pinpoint more where i’m misaligned. she got me to squeeze my legs in a way that popped my pelvis back into alignment (something i’ve now discovered i can do on my own with my exercise ball) and then she went to work on my muscles.

after leg and back focus, she asked me if i’ve ever had an ab massage. to be honest, i never even knew you could really massage the abs and all i could picture was me giving my dog a nice little belly rub but apparently i was way off. starting on the good side, LJ started working on my side abs ~ phew. thankfully not my belly flab 😉 ~ and at one point she stopped to point out that she was actually touching my vertebrae. holy crap! her focus then turned to the psoas which is apparently is the longest and thickest muscle in the body. it runs from the thigh, around the top of the hip and into and up the back. it is also, apparently, not an easy muscle to get to but i’ll be damned if that woman didn’t find it no problem. it felt weird but good. definitely a neglected muscle. after a bit she switched to the bad side and started working her way to the psoas and there was no questioning when she hit it. the pain was crazy and i about jumped off the table. a reaction i rarely have! she focused on it for awhile and eventually the pain eased and the muscle seemed to relax a bit.

that night i felt different. released. and after reading an article on the psoas that LJ emailed me, and doing my own typically obsessive research, i learned that an unhappy psoas can be the root of just about all evil. back pain. hip pain. groin pain. all things easily associated with a powerful muscle. but it can also cause things like insomnia and tmj ~ both of which i’m plagued by.  releasing the psoas can be immediate release and though i won’t say i felt perfect afterward, i felt noticeably different and i wanted to see what a run would feel like.

saturday was simply too hot. 95 degrees with a feels like of 107! so as much as i wanted to run free i headed for the gym. my goal was 3 miles. no breaks. it was slow. just under a 10 minute average but right now speed is not my concern. in the very beginning there was a little pain if my right side shifted forward a certain way but once i found my rhythm and ~ i think ~ stopped being scared of possible failure everything seemed to balance out and i was pain free until the last quarter mile or so where my hip started to give me a little back talk. but i did it. three miles. my longest nonstop run since june 3rd.

sunday i woke up feeling pretty good. not pain free. there simply hasn’t been a day i’ve felt 100 percent in months. but a long hike with deeQ that morning on local mountain bike trails gave me the faith that i could do another run and be ok. this time regardless of the weather i wanted the outdoors so i lined up a running partner willing to brave the woods and the thunder storms moving into the area. thankfully we skirted the rain. hit the trails. and did four miles! i did need two small walk breaks but not from pain. just from the fact that my cardio right now can only be described as pathetic.

two days. two runs. i rested last night but am hoping to hit the gym for a few miles tonight. i’m trying not to get over zealous. there’s still work to be done. some articles i read say the psoas can be the cause. some say it’s only a symptom of. just another muscle reacting to the SI joint dysfunction. but seven miles over the weekend has this girl hopeful.


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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  September 14, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Two runs?! YES!

  • 2. kitkat1126  |  September 14, 2010 at 11:04 am

    oops, hit enter before I was done commenting.

    So great you didn’t just listen to the first doctor — look how far you’ve come! 🙂


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