double digits

October 4, 2010 at 10:01 am Leave a comment

weekly total 16.5 miles

sunday off
monday 3.5 miles ~home ‘hood
tuesday off
wednesday 3 miles ~ bpk + restorative yoga
thursday off
friday off
saturday 10 miles ~ creek run

i’m back to double digits! after a simple week of two short runs and a yoga class i knew i wanted saturday to be something strong. the new group was heading to the creek trails again and i wanted in so after a little finagling to get sab set up with a sleepover, i got to bed early friday night and woke feeling ready and able to brave the woods.

the morning was absolutely gorgeous! temps in the low 70s and low humidity that attracted 21 runners to the trails. right before we started off our fearless leader gave a brief update on the planned route. she had ventured out a few days prior and the side trail she had anticipated us doing was apparently a little more difficult than she had remembered and she suggested we stick to the main. but when the lead group of us came to the fork a mile or so into the run i didn’t even hesitate to follow into the unknown. was it difficult? i suppose the fact that probably five of the eight or so runners i was with went down at some point would indicate yes. i stumbled ~ a few times ~ but somehow managed to keep from ever actually wiping out this time. but rough as it was, i loved every root jump, branch dodge and twist of the trail.

chit chat among us indicated most were only going to the end of the woods. turning at the place we hit the paved trial and backtracking for a total of about seven. but i had 10 in my head and i wanted it so i was thrilled when a new runner ~ B3 ~ offered to go the distance with me. she was a perfect partner. similar stride and pace. preferred distance ~ the marathon. love of the run as obvious as mine. need for the woods identical. by the time we got back to the cars i knew i had a new running partner for those days that don’t allow for the group but require the release of the woods.

ten miles. almost pain free. the last mile or so i felt it creeping in but a slow even pace got me through and that afternoon i felt fine. a little tired ~ man i forgot how much a long run can really drain the body of every bit of energy ~ but even the advil i took was for safety sake instead of need. but sunday i didn’t fare quite so well. the morning was perfect! at one point the fleeting thought went through my head that maybe it would be the first day of absolutely no pain ~ a thought i think jinxed me because by mid afternoon i was favoring the left side and wishing my right hip/butt would better hold the weight of my body. i felt weak. tight. sore. and last night was no better. a 3 a.m. journey into insomnia took me out of bed to stretch, ice and curse the body. today feels a bit better. not perfect but maybe enough to get me through a few miles tonight.

even though i’m still not up to par. even though i’ve yet to have that first day pain free. i’m elated. double digits. 10 down … 16 to go.


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