running barefoot

November 6, 2010 at 3:56 pm 3 comments

the other day i made reference to making a change in my running world. and today i’ve gone and done it!

vibram five finger treksports!

i’ve toyed with the idea of (semi) barefoot running for awhile. know a few people who swear by it. and given my injuries and issues i figured it couldn’t hurt to give this a try. now i know better. i’m not hoping for some end-all-be-all miracle cure. in fact i almost expect to have more issues as my body adjusts to running in them. but i think more so than form and function i’m looking to feel more connected to my run. to feel the earth beneath my feet. to bring more meaning to my miles. does that sound stupid? well let me explain a little.

i only started running about four years ago. support for a friend and a dream of running with boston. i wasn’t a natural runner but it wasn’t long before i found a love for it. a need almost. it became what i reached for on a bad day. to fill the loneliness and heartbreak he left in his wake. i could run away from it all. run away from my life. at least for awhile. it didn’t matter that no matter how far or how fast i ran i always had to come home. believe me, i loved coming home to my daughter, my dog, my career, my friends. but i needed those miles. needed to disappear.

a year or so into my running journey i joined a group. found support among others. went from solo to a pack. went from timeless runs to garmin slave. i needed it. needed them. it taught me what i know. took a hobby to a way of life. turned me into the runner i never thought i could comfortably claim to me. but it went too far. training spreadsheets. hill repeats and speed work. obsession to not miss a run. disappointment at times not hit. catty competition. one day i woke up and realized that everything i loved about the run was everything i had lost in it.

my recent discovery of the new group and the trails has made me remember how much i love my run. how much i still need the escape from the stress and structure of the life of a thirty-something single, career minded, anal retentive mom. i still have goals. i still want to race and PR. i still dream of boston. the other one this time. well both. but the dream of him is one i have finally let go ~ mostly. the dream of the other i know i can someday make come true.

i don’t know that running in vffs will bring any more meaning to my run. the heart i bring to the trail is my own. the world i temporarily escape my reality. but when i think about running barefoot i picture the towheaded little tomboy i used to be, running through the woods chasing my brothers, laughing, carefree, connected. and that’s a road i’d like to run down again.

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five seconds georgia on my mind

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  • 1. Barefoot Lorena  |  November 7, 2010 at 2:55 am

    Is started running in VFFs earlier this year and ended up going barefoot and loving it, i hope you end up loving it and benefiting from it as much as I do!
    Im sure you´ve probably done your research and its great you have friends who already do it, but just in case I want to recommend two websites with info on how to start out (they made a huge difference for me and saved me lots of pain and injury); one is Barefoot Ken Bob´s site therunningbarefoot com and the other is barefootrunnersociety org
    check out How To Run and Beginning on Ken Bob´s site!
    good luck! have fun out there.

  • 2. kitkat1126  |  November 7, 2010 at 9:42 am

    I love reading about your experiences with running, finding your run, then taking it too far and now finding it again. It sounds like the new group and trails came at the right time.

    I’m excited to hear about your experiences with vff.

  • 3. ultrarunnerbrianphilpot  |  November 10, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    A miracle cure? No such thing, but we could only hope.. I can’t see running in VFF in the trails with rocks roots and mud for 30 miles!! Hope all is going good for you girl it’s been a while.


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