week of jan 24

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monday 3 miles ~ gym tread + pilates
average 8:45

tuesday off


3 miles ~ gym tread + upper body weights
average 9:00

friday off

10 miles ~ the island with b3
average 9:20


weekly total miles 16
2011 total miles

though i’m not opposed to keeping my running at three days a week for awhile, i really have to get my weekday mileage back up a little. problem is i’ve been stuck on the tread more and more frequently and there’s a 30 minute cardio machine time limit during peak hours at my gym. as long as no one is waiting i have no qualms resetting the machine and tacking on extra time but it’ll be at least another few weeks before all the new-years-resolution-exercisers start dropping like flies. so i either need to find the time to get back outside, opt for the tread at home verus the gym, or start running fast enough to fit four miles into 30 minutes! 😉

it’s always funny to me how the same run can feel so different on different days. monday was a crazy insane day. nonstop at the office followed by a rush to pick up sab and get her to a doctor’s appointment. by the time i dropped her at her dad’s i barely made it to the gym in time for miles before pilates. i can not run less than three miles ~ certainly not without feeling like it’s a waste ~ and even three is tough. back when i was physically healthy and really training no run was less than five. so in a race with the clock, i jumped on the tread and jacked up the speed a little faster than i’ve been running these days. three miles at an 8:45 and there was no doubt i could have gone faster or longer. i rocked it! but thursday i got on the tread after a light day at work followed by the afternoon event and jc encounter that left me sad and empty. usually i can take that sadness and turn it to a good run but for some reason i never found a rhythm and barely managed 9:00s. but i suppose i made up for it saturday. another 10 at 9:15. though it’s not good enough for a PR at gasparilla, it’s a good foundation for the possibility of.

the problem is that yesterday and today i’ve been in a lot of discomfort again. i had two appointments this past week with the chiro and the first ~ on tuesday ~ i was on balance. the hip joint was where it was supposed to be and the body felt decent. not pain free but even after a strong hard run monday i was holding solid. but thursday, after two days off the run, my alignment was disastrous again and the psoas was cranked. then saturday i felt fine on the run but not so hot after a pirate invasion, drunken parade and chick flick night with the NYC girl. (yes, i said pirate invasion. google gasparilla festival in tampa.) i’m back at the chiro tomorrow and i have no doubt i’m out of whack again.

so another week behind me. another week to tackle ahead. dances with dirt in two weeks. the gasparilla half in four. and an ongoing battle with my body to hopefully some day win!


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5k pr ~ 24:23
10k pr ~ 52:49
half marathon pr ~ 1:55:10
marathon pr ~ 4:10:41
half ironman pr ~ 5:57:50
50k pr ~ 5:33:23
50-mile pr ~ 11:32:39



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