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February 17, 2011 at 1:04 pm 2 comments

yesterday i got chastised for not writing with complete abandon. ok so chastised isn’t the right word at all. honestly it was more of an apology for being here and making me feel as though i couldn’t write just for me. but fact is, as much as i write for me, i also share with you so i do choose my words with caution. so understand that what i didn’t say wasn’t censored for any other reason than my own.

though i may share this site with the world, i don’t share it with many from my world. but it’s been proven that there are ways to stumble here. a link to colorado. a path from there to here. and there are those i fear discover. my god, what if my mother stumbled across my words. does she need to know about my my sex life? and what of a coworker? i’ve already bared the soul with more than enough jc water cooler gossip. i’d like to maintain some semblance of professionalism should one of them happen to read. and with a random picture thrown in on occasion there really would be no denying me.

so if sometimes a story seems unfinished. or if i skirt around a confession. it’s not because you read. it’s simply because outside the realms of these virtual pages i do exist and very few ever get to see, hear, or read every facet of me, myself and i.


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a knight to remember lost week

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  February 17, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    I agree wholly with what you’re saying. While this space is meant for you, it’s still dangerous in that someone can stumble on it. While the hope would be that someone wouldn’t use it against you, they could.

    I don’t think that means to lose your voice on here (and you don’t) but you don’t have to give every detail unless it’s a detail you’re comfortable the world know.

    It is interesting to think about – that so many of us will write some of our most private thoughts in these spaces, for anyone who wants to read – but we don’t always tell these same things to the people that we see daily and we fear them ever stumbling upon it.

  • 2. Barista  |  February 17, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    My dad stumbled on my blog about 5 years ago (it was in a different location then). I’d posted a link to my sister’s new company and when he goggled the company he followed a link to my site. I knew immediately because they live in a small town, so I called him up and said “Hey dad, I realize what I’m putting out there is public and for all to see, but I’ll just warn you that you probably don’t want to read about your daughter’s life in the depth at which I’ll be writing.” He never came back (trust me, I watched!) and was very apologetic…which he didn’t need to be.

    I’ve often worried that co-workers or others would find it, but after 6 years of writing I have kinda stopped caring. I don’t advertise it and I only share with select people, but I figure if someone wants to know about my life that much well hey, enjoy yourself!

    NOT saying you should be. Everyone has to find their own comfort level when writing about super personal shit and I respect that.

    I have a few friends who take it to the extreme opposite and write about hardly anything personal or just enough to make you wonder what happened (then add “and don’t ask”)- and I usually stop reading those blogs pretty quickly.


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