week of april 4 ~ a running fool

April 11, 2011 at 2:06 pm 1 comment

week of april 4

monday off
tuesday 5 miles ~ irish run with the ironman
average 8:40
wednesday off
thursday 3 miles ~ home tread
average mile 1 in vibrams at a 9:41, miles 2 and 3 in asics at an 8:30
saturday 16 miles ~ croom fool’s run
time 2:46:10
sunday off

weekly total miles 24
2011 total miles

asics gel landreth 6 128

the beginning of the week was light in the running and exercise department and really the past few weeks have pretty much been devoid of any and all cross training but i’m not beating myself up over any of it anymore. once i move. feel settled again. then i’ll get back to a better routine. just two weeks! i am SO ready. well no, i’m not really. i have so much packing left to do. i need to reserve a truck. confirm the friends i’m begging relying on for help. set up all the utilities. oh and tenants for my house would be nice considering mine flaked … AGAIN! and since there was no legal contract in place yet, i can’t even keep the security deposit they sent. i’m pissed but i’m not going to let it consume me. it will do no good. i rescheduled my appointment with the realtor for this afternoon and i am preparing to have to potentially face a month of floating a mortgage payment and rent. not sure how i’m going to manage that, but i’m holding onto the faith that i won’t have to. it’s a rental market so someone out there is going to want my house. and it’s time i just let someone else handle finding them.

saturday morning was exactly what i needed to put the stress of it all behind me. b3 and i ran the croom’s fool run and it was by far one of my favorite races ever! maybe it was the gorgeous ~ yet crazy hilly ~ trails. or maybe it was running it side by side with b3. or the fact that there was no perceived competition. no stress to hit a certain goal or stay near a pace group. it was a small race. 250 runners between the 16-mile, a 50k and a 50-mile. if you’ve never run a race that includes ultras, you should! if only for the experience. ultra runners are a different breed. lovers of the run. not the race. there’s a camaraderie and relaxed enjoyment that road races often seem to lack. the course was 16-miles. 50k runners did two loops. 50-milers three plus an initial smaller loop and with a 6 a.m. start time for the 50-mile ~ in the PITCH dark ~ and a 7 a.m. for the other two races, we shared the trails with a little of each. some were obviously there to push their endurance. others simply praying for survival. it’s definitely not a race for the weak of heart. logistically they can only set up three aid stations ~ one at mile 4. one at mile 8.7 and the last at mile 11. other than that you’re on your own. water and all. and with five miles from the last station to the finish and temps creeping up into the 90s it was  tough to ration the hydration. i was ~ and still am ~ in awe and admitted envy of those who dared a second or third loop. maybe next year. maybe.

even though we hadn’t really set a goal, it’s hard to not at least shoot for a specific time but with little knowledge ~ yet plenty of rumors ~ as to how tough these trials were, b3 and i really didn’t know what to expect but we tentatively decided to aim for sub 3-hours. and though the course registered short we came in well within reach. b3 a 2:45:47 ~ first in her age group and 5th female overall. and me steps behind at 2:46:10 ~ 3rd in my age group and 6th female. no doubt i’ll do this race again. and croom will be added to the regular running destinations if only once a month given how far away it is.

going forward, i fully intend to keep my promise to myself and scale back my mileage for the summer and really focus on the body and my issues. well, honestly total mileage may not come back much. but my goal is a limit of three run days ~ a 4-5 mile, a 6-8 and then an 8-10 weekend long. so i’m still aiming for high teens to low 20s total. but i want a consistent three rather than a scattered five. i want longer short runs. stronger. solid. time left for yoga (so many more options near the new house) and pilates. bike and swim (still aiming to tri soon). weights and strength. balance.

in spite of the bumps along the way, i feel good. i know it’s all going to be ok. for the first time in a long time i have a feeling of peace and trust in life’s grand plan.


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it’s a small world afterall the house hunter

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  April 11, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Ugh, as crappy as it is, I’m glad they flaked now and not once they moved in and stopped sending rent.

    I hear you on balance. I imagine you’re feeling completely chaotic with everything on your plate right now. I have a good feeling that your new home and new area is going to bring you great balance – in mind & body.


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