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April 30, 2011 at 8:35 pm Leave a comment

has anyone noticed what’s been missing? miles maybe? exercise period? there’s been no run. no bike. no swim. not a weight lifted or a sit-up sat. in the last two weeks i’ve run eight miles. total! two four miles runs with buns last week. and this week … not a step. i knew the mileage would drop back after croom but i didn’t expect to lose my run all together. but moving has taken precedence. in fact moving has consumed my life. settling into the new house. trying to get the other one ready for the tenants i still have yet to find. any and all routine in my world has been flipped upside down.

i feel horrible for it. physically and mentally. maybe it’s from the lifting of boxes. or moving furniture here … no there … no back to here as i try to downsize and fit in to the square footage. or maybe it’s the extra glass of wine with another i-can’t-find-my-pots-and-pans-inspired takeout dinner. or the mexican and margaritas with the house hunter as we cheered the lightning to a kick ass game seven victory. or maybe just the combination of it all.

and it’s been a tease living here this past week. i can’t even explain how active it is. early morning runners. afternoon bikers. evening walkers. all types. all day. and we’re literally across the street from the new path built around the airport. i’ve watched with envy but haven’t had the time. the energy. the opportunity. between unpacking and sab’s spring break i’ve been a full-time mom and part-time mover.

but today i finally escaped. sent sab to the nyc girl’s house ~ she’s our neighbor now 🙂 a mere half mile away ~ and i laced up and headed out. just an easy three. around the airport. along the marina. past the dog park. then home again. and on another day a little further to the yacht club should make for a perfect four. what a perfect little run. and if i go the other way i can head off island and hit the bay. a gorgeous ten miles right outside my door. and the rest of the island … i can’t wait to discover where all the miles lead.


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