week of may 9 ~ coming back

May 17, 2011 at 10:23 am 2 comments

week of may 9

monday 3 miles ~ home tread ~ 2 miles in vibrams
average 9:30
tuesday 3 miles ~ irish run with the ironman
thursday 4 miles ~ the island with trey
saturday 8 miles ~ island to bay with b3 and trey
average — not sure. have to check the garmin
sunday 3 mile bike ride with sab

weekly total miles 18
2011 total miles

asics gel landreth 6 157
2 miles in vibrams
8 miles in old 2130s

i am slowly getting a rhythm back. eighteen miles last week most of which actually felt pretty strong. i’m still not on my ideal schedule. i want mileage to stay up and run days to go down. and i want cross training back. core work and yoga. swim and bike. but at least i’m up off my ass and back out there doing something.

tuesdays irish run was great. the ironman and i have settled into a fun friendship. he knows i’m dating someone and though he jokes around a lot about “groping me” or “wanting me more now that i’m not available” it seems all in jest and i really foresee us being great running partners and friends. then later in the week my friend and former running partner trey came in from alabama and i got a few miles in with her. though sometimes i need the solitude of the open road, i love the relationships i build from running. i’m not sure what i’m going to do come july when b3 moves back to auburn.

saturday i couldn’t bring myself to put on my gel landreths. there’s no question to me that they simply are not the right shoes for me. maybe it’s the pci inserts. with them in i blister but without them i have no support. the combination just isn’t right. so faced with an eight mile run, i dug through the running shoe graveyard in my closet and pulled out an old pair of 2130s. i loved those shoes! asics little tweaks and “improvements” to the 2100 line have been nothing but a nuisance to me and i wish i could find the 2130s again. even with probably 500+ miles on them i fared better in them than even i expected. no blisters. and almost no pain after. so this weekend i think it’s time to hit the stores again and i’m really leaning toward newtons.

sunday i bought sab a new bike. her old one was just a little too small and needed new tire tubes. i probably could have just made it work for awhile longer but my goal is to have her ride while i run and i figured she needed something decent. sunday we rode the path right outside our door. three miles of a fun relaxed mommy daughter ride and it was awesome. not much of a workout for me but it was nice to do something active with her that she enjoyed. i’m hoping that weekends she’s home she’ll be able to do the flats loop. 7 miles to start. 11 if we go in from the far side. either one allowing me to get in a decent run without having to find someone to watch her.

all in all a good week. oh and the best part of the week … i got tenants for my house!!! lease is signed and security deposit is in. they move in june 1! sucks that i had a month of having to float rent and mortgage but at least i have it rented! i can breath again.


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. kitkat1126  |  May 17, 2011 at 10:27 am

    So glad you got tenants!

    This post is motivating me to find my rhythm again…

  • 2. Barista  |  May 17, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Awesome about the tenants!

    I figured the lack of updates meant all is happy in relationshipville! Hope I’m right 🙂


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