here we go again

August 9, 2011 at 6:13 pm Leave a comment

though i’ve learned to live with it ~ well at least with the weekly help of the chiro popping my hip back where it belongs ~ i finally hit a point of frustration with the chronic pain … again. not sure why now considering i haven’t been able to run for five weeks due to the calf not the hip. but whatever it was that prompted it, i decided it was time to try the orthopaedic route again. after my last ortho i was pretty disappointed with his lack of vision beyond the small picture and the lack at attention and support i got from his team of physical therapists.

i can’t say i was completely awed by this one either. though she was far more interested in the big picture and tried to find the connection between every ache and pain, i didn’t get the miracle answer i still dream of. but she spent time. reviewed the mri. poked. prodded. pulled. and pushed. and after all was said and done it came down to this. step one: physical therapy complete with a promise i could stay with just one. no team. she picked me a runner. an athlete. the one she felt could understand my need to end this once and for all. and if he fails step two: cortisone injections, further imaging and the open minded possibility that there could be more there than anyone has found and if so, she’ll figure it out.

monday i went to the PT with a little less than enthusiasm. didn’t help when i got to the desk and found out my insurance company doubled my co-pay first of the year. $40 a pop for what i assumed would be a robot routine stopwatch of stretches. but he surprised me. it wasn’t just a read of the doctor’s report followed by do this do that. he measured. he shifted. he tested. and best part he showed me. the good side. then the bad. notice the difference. i need that. to understand not just be told.

my right hip is a mess. what i can do with my left i can’t even struggle through with my right. the hip flexors are weak. useless. the pelvis rotates. the hip slips. everything pulls on the SI as i twist this way and not that. he felt confident we can fix it. slowly work them back to what they should be. i left feeling hopeful.

i feel like maybe we’re back at square one. but maybe it’s where i need to start again. and if it fails then at least the doctor actually has a next step.

as for the calf. it’s getting there. in my stupidity a couple weeks into recovery i went to dive into a pool without thinking and tweaked it again and that second strain is lingering. another week. maybe two. and i should be back out there. i hope. i miss my run.


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