wanna fight?

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last weekend the hunter and i watched “life as we know it”. a romantic comedy about two single people who hate each other but end up with custody of their infant god daughter after their friends are killed in an accident. it was a cute movie but definitely predictable in that they end up falling in love and raising the baby together. and though it won’t go down on my top-ten faves, there was one line that caught my attention. while still denying they actually had feelings for each other, a friend commented to the guy;

“if my wife and i fought like that … we’d still be married.”

and it left me wondering about fighting and the role it can play in relationships ~ both healthy and not.

somehow last night while out for dinner the hunter and i ended up in a conversation about fighting or more accurately our lack thereof.  we have yet to get in any sort of fight. not even a slight disagreement. we are both very rational, analytical people and in spite of our respective type-A personalities oddly easy going. we know we’re bound to be there at some point ~ and only then will we really see how we react ~ but we both claim we’ll approach disagreement with more of an intellectual debate than a knockdown, drag out screaming match.

i know the trick is to find a balance when it comes to fighting. it’s certainly not healthy to bottle up feelings ~ which though i readily admit to doing when it comes to the emotional side of relationships i don’t feel i do on the average day to day. but we’ve also both been in relationships wrought with volatility and have no energy or desire to be so again.

there is however a very valid concern. if we don’t fight, we don’t get to have makeup sex! 😉 so to ensure we don’t deny ourselves the only benefit we see to fighting we made mockery of the minute. tried to agree to disagree for the simple sake of disagreeing only to laugh at the fact that we don’t. and when we got home we were very happy to prove that we have no problem “making up” without ever having to fight.


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