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i had my follow up with the new orthopaedic the other day ~ actually a little over a week ago now. these days i seem to start writing and then get sidetracked. maybe somewhat by choice. what i have to share lately just seems so disheartening. but i need to remember that writing is healing. sharing is as well. so i’ll try to let you back into my world.

i almost cancelled the ortho appointment given i knew what she would say ~ your calf still isn’t healed. rest some more. run when it doesn’t hurt. blah blah blah. which ended up being pretty much exactly what she said. there is still a discernible knot in the calf. surprising to her and me. it’s been more than nine weeks for god’s sake! so rest, massage, ice. and more of the same. it’s all i can do.

the new place i’m going is a teaching hospital so prior to being seen by the primary doctor, you get the joy of being prodded by a resident. my first visit the girl was fine but i can’t say i got anything new or helpful from her that i didn’t get from the doctor but i guess the point is for her to get something out of it, not me. but the guy this time around was a DO. doctor of osteopathic medicine. and he looked more at my hip and pelvis issues than the calf. he largely came to the same conclusion as the new physical therapist. my muscles aren’t holding my pelvis in alignment. but he also felt a knot at the SI. pissed off muscles i guess. he asked if i had ever done injections and suggested it might at least help alleviate some of discomfort. i asked when i should consider going there and his response was “why not now?”

i’m not a fan of needles. at. all. but i’m also not the queasy cry baby type either so it only took about 30 seconds for me to decide it was worth a try. three cortisteroid injections to the area surrounding the SI later, i walked out hoping for anything from something that i pretty much assumed would yield nothing.

a little more than a week later i can say with certainly they were useless. if they made a difference at all it was negligible. i’m glad i tried. i had to. but i guess i can check another one off the list of possible miracle cures.

more likely to be the answer, i met with my new physical therapist again. i really think he has a decent understanding as to what’s going on. i explained my inability to afford multiple visits with the new insurance copay. i already struggle as a single parent and an extra $320 a month in “ideal visits” is simply not an option in my budget. thankfully he didn’t push a need to work with him but rather to work with myself. as long as i’m doing the exercises prescribed, then it really doesn’t matter if it’s here or there. so te plan is to go in once every two weeks for reassessment until the hip and SI joint can hold their own. but for now i have extensive homework. baby step exercises that are so frustratingly simple yet disturbingly hard.

and back to the calf for a minute. it’s maddening to still be where i am. the hip i can run through. been there. been doing that for well over a year at this point. but this calf. this knot. it’s knocked me down and this time i just don’t know that i have the energy to get back up.

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