the stick

October 20, 2011 at 9:29 am Leave a comment

as a runner, no doubt i’d heard of “the stick“. time and time and time again. i even used someone’s once in the parking lot of a group run and remember being somewhat impressed at how deeply it massaged my muscles. then another friend let me borrow her version of. it wasn’t an original stick. it was some off brand. and it worked. but so did my rolling pin. and considering i never bake, i opted to put the kitchen utensil to use on my sore muscles and save myself $35 on a piece of plastic.

but with this ongoing calf issue. knots that won’t go away. tightness and discomfort. i finally broke down and bought one online. worse case scenario i put the rolling pin back under the kitchen counter and use the real deal versus my makeshift.

ups delivered it tuesday afternoon and i immediately put it to the test. who cares that i was sitting in my office and had to hike up my pant leg to do so. i didn’t even bother to close my door. these people already think i’m insane. ice packs down the back of my pants. frozen golf balls in the freezer to aid plantar fasciitis issues. no one bats an eyelash at my body woes anymore.

from the first pass over my calf i had to stiffle cries of pain. oh! my! god! that shit hurt! but almost in a feels-so-good sort of way. no doubt that stick was hitting the knots in my muscle that my foam roller and rolling pin couldn’t quit reach right. yesterday i rolled a few times. not for long durations. not even quite as hard. but i’m determined to loosen up this calf and do away with these knots once and for all. and last night i ran. not far. not fast. 2.5 with my dog and my kid on her scooter. both kept my pace in check. my dog has an over-heating condition so i knew we had to go slow if i brought her along. and the kid had just finished track tryouts and had no desire to speed scoot. so a nice 10-11 minute pace was where we stayed.

i’m not going to try and say i feel great and everyone should go buy a stick. my calf still hurts. running was tenuous. and i’m tight and achy today. but maybe not quite so much. i can stretch the calf and not feel like i want to cry out of frustration. i can still feel knots but maybe not quite as defined. so i’m hopeful that maybe this thing might actually help to a degree.

and if so, i’m busting out the rolling pin and baking something to celebrate! i just hope it doesn’t have a biofreeze flavor. on second though … publix bakery might be a far better option!


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