light at the end of the tunnel

November 14, 2011 at 3:46 pm Leave a comment

for the first time in ages i feel my weekly mileage is worth sharing! 15  miles the week of oct. 31 and another 15 this past week. it’s not much. and sadly i’m far from healthy. but i’ve got to start keeping track of things again so i can see the continued improvement. this past saturday makes my third 8-miler since my calf tear. i can’t say they’ve been pretty. or speedy for that matter. the first a 10:45 average. the second closer to an 11 ~ though i was on trails so that was to be expected. and this last down to around a 10. my primary concern though lies that in all i’ve cramped somewhere around mile 7. and though the day after seems decent, it’s day two that seems a struggle. tight. sore. unhappy muscle. i definitely have a long way to go before i’m back to where i want to be but i need to focus on the positive that i’m running at all.

i’m seeing the yankee somewhat regularly for ultrasound treatment. once, sometimes twice a week if i can fit it in my schedule. i know we’re dealing with excessive scar tissue on the calf at this point so hopefully this will help. tough mudder is in three weeks and i have absolutely zero intention of backing out.

given a need to start back into things slowly, i decided to try to make the switch toward a more minimalist shoe. though i like my five-fingers i’m not sure that they would or should be something to run in regularly, so this past friday while trying on my regular asics i decided to try on a pair of newtons as well. B3 ran in them the last four or five months she was here and raved about them and i had yet to read or hear a negative review. the newton motus ~ their stability shoe ~ was like heaven on my feet. and when i put the asics back on to compare, i felt like i had bricks on my feet. i was sold. i have yet to run in them. i knew better than to take them out for 8 on saturday and sunday never gave me time for a run so tonight is the night.

the past few months have been a major struggle for me. and i know it’s not over. but i am really going to try and change my approach and my outlook. attitude is half the battle and mine hasn’t helped. though i can’t guarantee i will shake off all the self pity, it’s about damn time i try!


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crazy eight kid fears

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