weeks of april 2 and april 9

April 17, 2012 at 10:17 am 1 comment

two weeks ago was
gym with slowandsteady ~ upper body and spin class
tuesday off
wednesday gym with slowandsteady
thursday 15 mile island ride
friday off
saturday 12 mile run ~ UTBT with the thinker
sunday 12 mile island ride solo

swim 0
bike 27 miles and :45 spin
run 12 miles


last week was
tuesday 12 mile island ride plus 2 mile run solo ~ first brick!
wednesday off
thursday 12 mile island ride plus 2 mile run with the euro
friday off
saturday urban dare race with the ironman ~ 7.5 miles
sunday off

swim 0
bike 24 miles
run 11.5 miles

i never got around to posting my workouts from two weeks ago so i went ahead and included them in here. both weeks still no swim. i know i need to get back in the water. soon. but truth be told i’m not that worried about the swim in augusta. maybe i’m naive to think it won’t be rough but for some reason a 1.2 mile river swim with current just isn’t that intimidating. now the 1/4 mile i have to do in the ocean for the dunedin tri in june … THAT scares the hell out of me. obviously my fear isn’t in the strength of my swim as much as it is the creatures that lurk in certain bodies of water! the only reason i haven’t swam is because it requires drive time to the gym versus walking outside my door for a run or a ride but this week i am back in. period!

what was best about this past week was the bricks. two of them. not long but still strong. for me i worry most about the transition from bike to run. i think part of my concern is my lingering calf injury and chronic SI issue. the bike itself is so taxing on the legs and i just can’t risk not being prepared for the toll this is going to take. i really thought the first brick was a fluke. twelve on the bike then was shocked to hold the run at an 8:35 pace. it was hot out. the legs felt like jello. and if i hadn’t been wearing the garmin i would have guessed i was running a 9:30 at best! but thursday with the euro was the same. 8:37 average. i rock … well at least a little.

the other exciting thing i did was get new pedals and shoes! i am now officially a clipper! and i have yet to fall! i know. i know. it’s going to happen. and i am seriously scared of breaking a tooth or a bone in the process! more so a tooth. bones can heal! lol. hoping for just a few scrapes and bruises though. that i can handle.

anyway, that’s the last two weeks of training in a nutshell. i still have yet to create my official augusta plan. i’m working on it though! and getting more and more nervous and excited in the process. i know i should focus at least a little on dunedin as it’s the next race on the schedule. and my first tri ever! but i can’t get september out of my mind.

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  April 17, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Haha, too funny, I would prefer an ocean swim any day over a river swim! I picture rivers having weird animals but the ocean just having waves 🙂 But that’s a New England not Florida type of thinking!

    Ahh, that’s awesome you’re a clipper! You have to promise that when you fall (sorry, I hear there’s no way around it!) you post about it. maybe if you fall and say it was nothing I’ll actually suck it up and get new pedals and clipin shoes too. Until then…17 miles in sneakers!


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