month end review

May 1, 2012 at 10:09 am 4 comments

last month i set a handful of goals. little things i wanted to do. i’m a master at achieving large-scale challenges but it’s the day to day i tend to overlook. so how did i fare? let’s review …

1. create my official augusta training plan.
partly done. i think i finally figured out a rough weekly schedule now just need to put in distance goals.

2. let down all defenses and celebrate my one year anniversary with the hunter with an open mind and an open heart.
done. i’m still dealing with some major uncertainty on where we stand but if only for that one night i let myself simply enjoy us without excessive analysis.

3. on days when we aren’t together call (not just text) the hunter at least once a week.
partly done. i called more than i usually do. and actually he did too. we are both huge texters but it’s becoming a crutch and it’s one i really think we need to work more on breaking!

4. finish all planning, including buying and wrapping presents, for sab’s birthday party by april 13.
i didn’t finish by the 13th but i did finish and we had a successful and fun beach day and slumber party this past weekend!

5. write a letter to a friend. not a card. not an email. not a text. but an honest-to-goodness letter.
fail. i started it but didn’t get far. i need to send this friend something though so maybe i’ll try to finish what i started today.

6. go one full day without getting on facebook.
surprising success! i admit i picked a day that i was really busy and spent mostly with the hunter (who doesn’t have fb and refuses to ever fall victim to the addiction) but regardless i did it!

7. wake up early two mornings a week to get in a morning workout even if it’s just a quick set of push-ups, crunches and planks.
epic fail! didn’t even manage to do this even once. and i don’t mean once a week … i mean not once. period.

8. no snitching out of the various candy bowls around the office … except on fridays 🙂 gotta’ have a cheat day!
i managed this the first week of the month but then i started to snitch here and there. i did cut way back though and think i really may have broken my addiction to a 3 p.m. daily dose of sugar to get me through the afternoon.

9. let sab ~ and myself for that matter ~ eat ice cream for breakfast one morning.
i let sab do it. and on the first morning of her annual standardized testing. she thought it was the best thing ever. she did however ask me what i had done with her REAL mom? lol. i forgot to allow myself a morning of indulgence but i got enough enjoyment out of her reaction!

10. have one girl’s night even if it’s just a quick happy hour (already have one planned if i can actually stick to it!)
fail. she cancelled. though i admit i was going to if she didn’t. i just haven’t been feeling very social lately. i did, however, do a run with a female friend (which i’m sure made the hunter happy) so i can sort of count that. maybe. ok, not.

overall my results sucked! but i think i like this monthly goal thing. even though i didn’t succeed at most, they were always on my mind and maybe if i keep doing this i’ll learn how to focus more on the little things. so stay tuned for may’s goals to come later today!


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  • 1. DPR  |  May 1, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    Fail !? This is mind numbing success ! To accomplish all of your goals would be a embarrassing testament to a lack of vision or drive! – I suggest next month you start a novel so each week you can write a chapter. Many average people do less…….

    • 2. becelisa  |  May 2, 2012 at 9:24 am

      i like the way you justify my failures 😉

  • 3. kitkat1126  |  May 2, 2012 at 8:18 am

    I think you actually did reallywell! Especially considering the goals you did succeed on! I love that you let Sab eat ice cream for breakfast 🙂

    I agree, even if you only meet half of them, they are still on your mind and you end up achieving a few things out of the norm. Looking forward to your May goals and hearing more about your training!

    • 4. becelisa  |  May 2, 2012 at 9:26 am

      i think ice cream for breakfast is going to be a once a month thing. or maybe this month it should be a cupcake. nah … nothing beats ice cream! and this time i’m making sure to spoil myself too 🙂


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